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'Tis The Season? What Season?

Regardless of your thoughts on global warming, fashion has responded (as it does so well) to new needs and requirements over the last several years by creating a large category dedicated to seasonless dressing.  It's all about layers.  I am a huge fan of Reed Krakoff, and his pre-fall collection demonstrates this concept beautifully. 
a look from Reed Krakoff's pre-fall 2013 collection
It seems quite possible that the new(ish) addition of "pre-collections" to the fashion calendar could be a catalyst to the blurred lines between seasons. With four collections per year rather than two, distinguishing fall from pre-spring or spring from pre-fall can be difficult.
a look from Reed Krakoff's pre-fall 2013 collection
I have expressed my opinion about the "white after Labor Day rule" more than once in this blog and I'm also a fan of the safer, Winter White option.  But what about white shoes in November or even February?  Before you gasp with disapproval, consider this: They are being shown on the runways right now, so you'll see them in the stores by August and on people's feet by October.  In fact, they're already offered in the high-end stores for THIS fall/winter season.  So, two years from now when they're trendy in the "fly over states" and people's eyes have been conditioned to perceive this as normal and acceptable, remember your initial reaction :-)

Fendi loafer available at Barney's
Still not for you?  Don't fret.  There are plenty of seasonless dressing options that are a little more palatable to the mainstream and more quickly accepted.  Chunky sleeveless sweaters?  Why not?  They're easy to layer under a heavy coat or puffer jacket and when you have the option of arm warmers (like the ones I've been selling from my fall 2012 collection), you're all set!

two looks from Krakoff's pre-fall 2013 collection
white shoes, skirts, bare legs and bare arms -- looks like spring except for the fur vests
Photo Source:
dove grey shearling vest with rib knit arm warmers
Photo: Shane LaVancher
sleeveless top and faux ostrich skirt with rib knit arm warmers
Photo: Randy Brooke