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Go West

At first when I heard Joss Stone was collaborating with Nine West on a shoe collection, I thought it was a bit like a 60’s feminist collaborating with Maidenform. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen Ms. Stone wearing shoes, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate them. After all, what girl DOESN’T?

Joss Stone performs sans shoes in March, 2010

I went along with shoe and style maven, WendyB, to see Joss Stone talk about her new project, Vintage America, with Nine West at their showroom in midtown. Let me start by saying that this was my kind of event. I didn’t get two feet in the door when an adorable cater-waiter asked me if I wanted anything to drink. When I asked what he had, I was kind of hoping his reply would be something like, “Coffee, tea or me?” to which I would have chosen the latter!

Joss Stone talks about boots in the upcoming Vintage America Collection
the fall line is due to hit stores in August!

When we entered the showroom, Joss was perched on a stool answering questions and looking amazing. I spotted her playful pedicure immediately (she had each toenail painted a different color!), AND she was wearing shoes. Sexy shoes. Really sexy shoes. The super high wedges with a delicately thin strap were none other than Nine West. The fabulous shoes added several inches to Ms. Stone’s statuesque body and when she stood up after the Q&A session her lean legs looked nine feet tall. Needless to say, I didn’t pose for a photo op! I wasn’t getting anywhere near her. Suffice to say, she is a goddess and she is as sweet as she is beautiful.

Joss Stone's pretty pedicure

One blogger wanted to know what inspires her. Another asked what her travel essentials were. When questioned about the significance of her tattoos she said, in her endearing British accent, “I just wanted something I’d never go off and I figured I’d always like flowers – yeah, it’s that deep.” She chuckled a bit and added, “If I don’t like flowers when I’m fifty, then something probably went horribly wrong and I'll need to go to therapy.”

Joss Stone dishes about shoes

Nine West’s creative director, Fred Allard, is responsible for bringing Stone’s ideas to life. Allard was previously with Stephane Kélian (sadly, the SoHo shop closed in 2008) and his father was the creative director for Charles Jourdan. To say that he is a master of shoes is an understatement – it’s in his blood. There is no doubt that with the unique spirit and energy of Ms. Stone coupled with the creative expertise of Mr. Allard, Nine West has a slam dunk with Vintage America. Look for the merchandise to hit stores in August!

Nine West - Vintage America Collection (click here to shop)


  1. what a fun event...i can listen to this girl sing all day long...

  2. You were smart. I stood next to her. Not only did I have to delete the picture, I had to delete the horrible dress I was wearing from my wardrobe.

  3. Fred Allard should raise the bar, putting a bit more craft in their very groovy product. Charles Jourdan was Manolo and Louboutin rolled together.

    60's feminist collaborating with Maidenform ...very great line; oh, the teaser was cute.

    She does have pretty everything too.

  4. Well, this sounds like an excellent collaboration, I imagine I'll be seeing these in Macy's ginormous shoe department. And now I'm totally curious about Wendy's horrible dress, I just don't believe she can look bad!

  5. It sounds like a fun do! There are about six pairs of shoes from that collection that I'd love to have.

  6. Fashion Herald, thankfully, I have the only picture.