STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


No Lights, No Camera, No Action!

I'm so happy to announce that all twelve dresses in my Spring 2011 collection have been sponsored!  How exciting!  The presentation is just around the corner and I'm doing everything I can to bring it together and to make it the best it can possibly be. 

details from the "Emilia" dress
photo: Stacy Lomman

As most of you know, this production has been almost entirely funded through a website called Kickstarter (I did have two dress sponsors jump on the idea so quickly that I was still set up with Pay Pal at the time).  Kickstarter kicked me hard right out of the gate, but after the intital buzz and excitement, the funding has slowed (although donations are trickling in little by little).

some of my insanely expensive fabrics (but gorg-e-ous!) that you all helped me to purchase!
photo: Jennine Tamm

While I have well surpassed my original goal of $6000, I had no idea how quickly costs would accumulate!  It's my first time people!  Things are going pretty smoothly, but I've certainly hit a few bumps in the road.  Actually, I hit one giant speed bump!  Lighting!  Who knew it would cost so much?  Not me, obviously.  It only makes sense that good lighting is the key to a good presentation.  Bad lighting or no (professional) lighting at all will not allow the beautiful dresses to be seen... I mean REALLY seen.  Details, fabric, texture, color... it's all so important.  Not only that, but the highly skilled photographer that I was lucky enough to book cannot create miracles with his camera.  Poor lighting = poor photos. 

my tools
photo: JennineTamm

So, please help me to annoy as many of your friends as possible and coerce them into contributing to my collection on Kickstarter!

thanking all of you!
photo: Jennine Tamm

I can't say enough times how incredibly grateful and touched I am by the outpouring of support!  OK... back to work!


  1. I'll try to find some more people to nag!

  2. Wish there were lighting sponsors available and waiting from fashion p/r companies ...

  3. I'll see who's left to round up :-)

  4. I never even considered that you'd need lighting, and I can't believe lighting costs so much! I hope you round up all the funds you need, Stacy!

  5. Congratulations on how well it has been going so far....Do you have a producer on this project? That person should be helping you with the budget so it doesn't keep escalating and also pull in favors or creative ways to do some of this stuff...If you do, let me know. I will ask around from past crew members on my old projects. My lighting designer two years ago used to be the designer for Fashion Week. She's married and no longer in New York, but I will see if she has any ideas...