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Way To Go Vogue!

I've not hidden my feelings about the overabundance of actresses showing up on the cover of magazines in the last few years.  Though it is not a new trend, it seems to have become the norm these days.  It's gotten to the point where I'm shocked (and pleased) to see the face of an actual fashion model selling the glossy books.

U.S. swimmer, Ryan Lochte

I'm so desperate that I'll take almost anybody at this point other than Gwyneth, Cate, Kate, Jennifer, Kate again, Kirsten, Kristen and the other Jennifer.  Now, I have nothing against these beautiful women and I hope to be dressing them one day, but I'm old fashioned and like to see models on my magazines.  Well, athletes are fine too!

Lochte's perfect backstroke start

So, when Vogue switched it up in June and featured my boyfriend Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte on their cover, I was thrilled.  Oh, I suppose I should mention that tennis great, Serena Williams and soccer goalie, Hope Solo are there as well creating a Ryan sandwich, but let's stay focused okay?  Did I mention Ryan Lochte? 

Vogue cover, June 2012

As a former competitive swimmer, I follow the sport very closely and I know how hard these kids train.  Brutal workouts.  I still shudder whenever I smell chlorine!  I guess I sort of had a love/hate relationship with the sport.  But, I will definitely be glued to the TV in August, sitting on the edge of my seat, biting my nails watching the racing in the pool!


  1. I didn't know you were a competitive swimmer. You're so talented!

  2. Ryan is so hot....and it will be an exciting competition between him and Michael Phelps.

  3. I will fight you for Ryan's body...erh...heart! We'll have a swim-off (another competitive swimmer here)!! That cover... so hot... at a loss for words!