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Tasty Little Morsels

I happen to love French macarons.  Correction, I happen to adore them, go insane for them, eat them for lunch (or dinner), die for them.  So, if I love them so much, why don't I marry them, right?  I would if I could my taffetadarlings, but alas, they're a pastry.

they taste as good as they look

Everywhere I go, I look for these tasty little morsels and I compare all of the different shops in all of the different countries.  Till now, nobody could quite match up to Fauchon (in my opinion), but all that changed in one random, unplanned stroll down West 23rd Street on the way to a meeting.  The colorful window caught my eye all the way across the street (I think I just have a keen sense for sweets).  Macarons!  Loads and loads of them.  Paradise.  I found heaven. La Maison du Macaron.

with the strict policies, I can't believe they allowed me to take a photo!

While the macarons were the best I had ever had -- perfect texture, slightly crunchy on the outside, just the right amount of chewy, creamy center and mouth watering flavor -- my heavenly experience was tainted with a fairly unwelcome atmosphere.  Okay, so I ordered my pastries with a Starbuck's cup in hand, but in my defense, I hadn't planned on popping into this shop and a girl needs her coffee, right?  Just as I was about to pay, one of the girls behind the counter said to the girl ringing me up, "Um, did you tell her about the cups?"  And the second girl said to me, "Oh, right.  Uh, you can't have any outside beverages in here... so... is it pretty much gone?"  Reluctantly, I quickly gulped down most of my coffee and tossed it in the trash.  As if this wasn't bad enough, the signage was distracting and further added to the "we don't really want you here" attitude.  Every single table proudly displayed a warning, BUS YOUR TABLES, PLS. BRING DISHES TO THE COUNTER, or NO SITTING FOR MORE THAN 30 MIN., and of course, NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGES.  I understand where they're coming from, but there must be a better way to get the point(s) across.  I felt like I had to wolf down my cookies and hit the road.  So, I did.  And as delicious as the macarons were, I doubt I'll be running back anytime soon.  The chef/baker is beyond genius, but the customer service stinks.  With so many businesses struggling, they should value and try to KEEP their customers.  Especially the ones willing to pay $6 for two teeny weeny (albeit yummy) cookies.


  1. I'm confused - you walked in to take out some macarons in a box, right? WTF right do they have to tell you to leave your Starbucks outside? Outrageous! Though they do look really awesome. I'd probably go back because that's the kind of macaron whore I am.

  2. mouth is watering...except by the time i got to the end of the post...the experience quickly vanished...i problem with rules...just how you present them...xoxo have a great weekend!

  3. If you had to make Sophie's choice between a macaron and me would you pick the macaron? *sobbing*

  4. Too bad they took such a non-welcoming stance. I guess the only way is to get the macs to go.

    I've never eaten a macaron! Maybe someday.

  5. The question is = is there anyone who doesn't love macarons? But what bad business practices!!

  6. Maybe people should realize that bringing food from one establishment into another is not only rude, but especially since you are bringing coffee into a pastry shop that sells coffee its hurting their business.

    Think about it this way also. If you were taking your macarons to-go im sure it would have been alright, but since you were sitting, its rude to bring food from one place into another.

    You make the signs seem like they are written rudely, but they are not. I am a frequent customer at La Maison du Macaron, and am outraged by what you have to say. This is one of the warmest and friendliest environments that a person can be in. The signs are written in a polite, but forward way so that people understand. AND so that when people come they have a clean seat and a table to sit at, otherwise people sit there for hours.

  7. Dear Anonymous -- if you are actually OUTRAGED over my funny little post, then may I suggest anger management?

  8. We have a place in Seattle, Bakery Nouveau, that makes amazing macaroons: The pastry chef actually beat out the French and won the World Cup of Baking for 'em in 2005! But I wouldn't go if they're weren't super friendly and welcoming, just the sweetest staff ever. I loathe inhospitable and intolerant establishments.

  9. Ali,

    Thanks for the comment. I checked out your website -- the bakery looks fabulous. I really must come to Seattle one of these days.
    And what a huge accomplishment to beat the French guy! I love it!