STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


Happy New Year!

I'm wishing all my taffetadarlings a healthy, prosperous and fashionable New Year!  Happy 2012!


Wright Was Never Wrong

As a designer and artist, I am (obviously) inspired by many different creative people who helped in some small, meaningful way to shape and mold my aesthetic.  One of these people is architect, Frank Llloyd Wright -- I've even mentioned him in my bio on my website.  Well, my dad happens to appreciate the genius of Mr. Wright as well, and we have discussed his work at Fallingwater at length.

Annie Pfeiffer Chapel

staircase in chapel with colored glass

So, I thought that since I was in town visiting my folks (a.k.a. "parental units" as my sister and I have dubbed them), it would be a great idea to visit Florida Southern College.  Why?  Because I'm religious?  No, not even close.  Because Frank Llloyd Wright designed the entire campus.  How cool is that?  My dad joked as we strolled past the ginormous grandfather oak tree, "This reminds me of F.I.T. Stac."  Hey, we have Central Park in NYC and that's enough.

one of the many many sprawling oak trees

me, under a giant cross feeling the guilt weight on my shoulders

The college is situated on Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland, Florida, it's been called the most beautiful campus in the country.  According to the enthusiastic and knowledgeable man at the visitors center, the first buildings designed by Wright, were actually built by WOMEN.  Yes, that's right, chicks!  In the mid 1940's when they were constructed, men were not exactly available, therefore, women had to do the hard labor.  They didn't just paint or decorate, instead, they poured concrete and devised elaborate pulley systems to transport heavy building materials to upper levels.  Pretty amazing.

If you ever find yourself in the area, I highly recommend stopping by to see the angular, pointed, low-ceiling buildings that are detailed in Wright's favorite color, Cherokee Red.  The serene setting adds to the charm, as does unexpected little findings like the Hindu Meditation Garden -- kind of surprising (but refreshing) for a Methodist establishment.

Hindu Meditation Garden, or as I like to call it, "Mini Taj"

my dad, trying his best to look priestly or saintly


I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas

I love white.  And I say that white after Labor Day is fine as long as it's style and fabric appropriate.  In other words, summer linen should be shelved for, well... summer.  Try cashmere or wool, angora, mohair or leather instead!

This is my white Christmas wish list and I have been a very good girl this year, so I'm hoping Santa will bring me all of these yummy items...

 Movado watch

Ann Demeulemeester white leather pants Spring 2011 on sale now at Neiman Marcus  for $1118 (from $3195)!!
photo credit Yanis Vlamos/ via

Max Mara Fall 2011 Alpaca coat with fur collar

leather Barcelona chair


I'm On The Airwaves Baby!

Well, it's official, I did my first radio interview!  However, since it was for an Internet station, I'm not sure if I can technically say that I'm on the airwaves, but if I said "webwaves" I wouldn't have been able to use the Ramones in this post and that would be a tragedy.

The Ramones want the airwaves and so do I!  I'll take the webwaves too.
If you'd like to hear a little bit about me and my thoughts on the industry, business and nail polish color, check out S.E. Burns' interview with me on Tenacity Radio.  Burns is the host of a new segment called, Got Style and I'm lucky enough to be her first guest.  How fabulous!  I like being first... always have!


Pantone and Stacy Lomman : New York, Choose Orange

screen shot from Pantone's website

And the winner is... drum roll please... Tangerine Tango!!!  Pantone just announced its color of the year and it's bright and cheery, just in time for the holidays.  Now, some people are afraid of such bold hues and feel that they don't look good in orange, but if you select the right pieces and style them the right way (I agree... easier said than done), you can "make it work."

"Safety Orange" Nylon Rip Stop Gown -- from STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK Spring 2012 Biohazard Collection

I tend to wear mainly neutrals myself, however, I've been feeling orange for quite a while.  In fact, I did not one, but two posts on the happy color back in June.  I guess I just couldn't get enough because a little later, I included an orange gown in my Spring 2012, Biohazard Collection.  I called my color of choice, Safety Orange, which evokes an entirely different emotion than its relative, Tangerine Tango, but it's still just as lively.

"Safety Orange" Nylon Rip Stop Gown -- from STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK Spring 2012 Biohazard Collection
Photo: Shane LaVancher
So, taffetadarlings, be bold, be fearless, go forth and conquer.  Wear some orange... you might just like it!


On The Rise With FGI!

I have great news taffetadarlings  -- I've been nominated for The Fashion Group International's 2012 Rising Star Awards!  The Fashion Group (a.k.a. FGI) is an International non-profit organization made up of industry professionals in apparel, interior, accessories, advertising, marketing, publishing, PR and beauty.  Let's just say they cover anything fashion related. 
Lightweight Neoprene Zip Front Jacket & Asymmetric Skirt (Spring 2012)
Photo: Shane LaVancher

I am honored to be up for the award in the women's RTW category and I feel flattered, excited and nervous all at the same time.  While I know that I'm up against some steep competition, I'm remaining optimistic -- I hope that when my peers head over to FGI headquarters to cast their votes, they will be impressed with the pieces I've selected to showcase.  I'm quite happy with them!

Slate Grey Cropped Jacket & Pencil Skirt in Cashmere (Fall 2011)
Photo: Shane LaVancher

Whatever the outcome, I want to thank all of my supporters, sponsors and friends who have helped me and followed me from the beginning when I launched "Precious Metal" for Spring 2011. Most of you know that one of my greatest advocates is Wendy Brandes (who is also a dear friend). In fact, quite a few of you who found me on this little blog were referred by WendyB.  So, what makes this awards competition that much sweeter for me is the fact that Wendy is a nominee in the fine jewelry category. How great is that? She was a finalist last year (missed it by a hair) and I have a really good feeling this time -- have you seen her new Empress Wu dragon earrings? Need I say more?

Grey Wool Motorcycle Jacket With Silver Foil Print (Fall 2011)
Wool/Mohair Mini Skirt (Fall 2011)
Photo: Randy Brooke

Judging will take place between December 6th - December 13th and after the votes are counted, candidates will be informed as to whether or not they are a finalist in their category.  Of course, I truly hope to make it to the last round so please keep your fingers crossed for me.