STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


Marc Who?

It's already been one year since I showed my debut collection during New York Fashion Week, yet it seems like just yesterday!  I'll never forget my first posting in the Fashion Calendar... take a look!!

Marc WHO??


Case In Point

So, here we are just five days before my Kickstarter run finishes up and the entire Eastern U.S. is bracing itself for Hurricane Irene.  This is the perfect weekend for me to "hunker down" and make some progress on my "Biohazard" samples for my spring 2012 line (so long as I don't lose power).  Let me just reiterate the basis of the collection...

The concept behind the collection stems from the chaos happening in the world, from the economy to all of the natural disasters that have recently occurred (and will continue to do so). The need to start dressing for protection is inevitable and our wardrobes will have to be fashionable AND functional -- think “chic hazmat” gear!

Scary, huh?  It's almost like I willed this hurricane to happen (but I would never do that!).  So, get in on the action while you can and get involved.  Only five days left to sponsor me and even though I have met the fundraising goal, there are always so many extra expenses to account for and, of course, you get your name in the program.  Any amount is helpful and I'm extremely grateful for each and every person who contributes!!!!!

The auction for one of my spring pieces is still on and the current bid is $650.  If you would like to own a custom-fit piece (of your choice) from my "Biohazard" Collection, contact me through this blog or through Kickstarter and give me your bid.  Stay safe taffetadarlings!

super light-weight neoprene and water repellent nylon dress
just one of the styles to choose from!



I'm just eight short days from the end of my Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for my Spring 2012 "Biohazard" Collection!  On one hand, I'm excited, motivated and energized, while on the other hand, I'm a bit nervous since I'm still $1500 short of my goal.  As most of you know, if I fall short, the plug is pulled on the project and it gets filed under "Unsuccessful."  Let me just say that I do not "do" unsuccessful.  No way.  I'm a Type A personality with an extra gene of determination.  I don't like to lose and I give everything I do 110% effort.  Scared?  Good, I will use any tactic right now to get donations! 

just some of the choices... more where these came from...

So, I'm pulling out the heavy artillery -- I'm offering to auction off a custom piece from new line.  The price on Kickstarter is $2,000 and you can snatch up the last spot by pledging that amount if you want to be absolutely sure to secure a garment.  Or, you can take a shot at bidding for it and try your luck. I've added a new "awards category" on my Kickstarter page starting at $499 for the opening bid!  Any takers?  It's a STEAL!!!  Let the bidding begin...

Of course, if you want to contribute (which I would appreciate beyond belief), you can pledge ANY amount, from $5 upward.  If I can get 100 people to donate $5 each, that is a HUGE help!  200 people -- even better!!  Pass this along to anyone you know who loves fashion!


And Now For Something A Little Different

I thought I'd mix things up a bit today, taffetadarlings.  Friday night, I was thrilled to attend my good friend Jensen's CD release party at the Living Room downtown (click here to read the artists' bio on the Living Room's site) .  To learn more about this super talented singer/songwriter and to find out where to buy her self-titled album, check out her webiste.



To the superstitious, it's a number that represents bad luck.  Not me!  Thirteen reminds me of the age I was finally allowed to get my ears pierced (which was the only thing that distinguished me from a boy at the time!).  Also, thirteen was actually the date of my first runway show, so I consider it to be a very good number.  That said, there are only thirteen more days to contribute to my new collection for Spring 2012.  Most of you know the collection is titled "Biohazard" and I'm so anxious to make it happen!  Right now, I'm 75% funded so I really need to make a huge push for that last 25%.  With the Kickstarter funding, it's all or nothing and I simply cannot come up short, so spread the word and help if you can.  Thank you!!

...and if you think I'm kidding about the boy thing, just ask my 13 yr. old self!  LOL


It Could Be Your Lucky Day!!

Hello gorgeous!

This little number from my fall 2011 "French Resistance" collection has been quite popular.  So, I decided to offer two of these in neoprene to my Kickstarter supporters who sponsored $500 toward my spring 2012 "Biohazard" collection.  They were scooped up so quickly, I thought I had better add ONE MORE!

If you love this style and you love me and want to support the collection, you can have this chic, little motorcycle jacket in a light weight, supple neoprene... custom fit for you!  I'm only offering ONE, so if you want it, get it now!  Time is running out, the Kickstarter funraising ends soon.

If this tough, sexy jacket is a too rich for your blood, you can still get some really cool prizes for donating to my project.  Any amount is helpful and always appreciated.  It's getting close to the end and I still need to raise quite a bit of captial to cover the show costs.  And with Kickstarter, it's "all or nothing," so if I come up even one dollar short, the project ends with a big zero.  That's just not acceptable, so let's make this spring line happen!

Thanks to all of my taffetadarlings!


Lookin' On The Bright Side

I've been a busy bee, hard at work on my spring samples.  I'm moving forward so that I can stay on track with the timing of the collection though I'm still holding my breath that my Kickstarter crusade is successful.  I'm 57% there, but if I don't meet the goal 100%, then my fundraising efforts will go unfulfilled and my spring show will not come to pass.  But, I'm staying positive, crossing my fingers (and toes) and I'm looking on the bright side!

Speaking of bright, check out some of the qualities I'm using for my "Biohazard" collection!  I love these techno textiles and they happen to look fantastic in acid brights.  If you're anxious to see what I create with these fabrics, please make a small contribution to my spring show/collection by clicking on this link.  Any amount is helpful and certainly appreciated.  And pass it along... tell your co-workers, family, friends, dog walker, dry cleaner, butcher, mailman (oops, mail carrier is more PC)!