STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


Don't You Want Me?

Hey Taffetadarlings!  I've been working on my Spring 2012 "Biohazard" samples, but I still need to raise some capital for the project.  Please share my Kickstarter page with your friends and family and help me to meet my goal!  I'm half way there, but I have to keep the momentum going.  Check out some of the great little gift items you can receive if you support my collection...

hard sunglass case with zip closure and logo print

canvas messenger bag with logo printing

rubber wristbands debossed with "BE FASHIONABLE SUPPORT AMERICAN DESIGN"

Come on, how cool are these items?  I know you want them!



No matter what my personal taste in art, fashion, music, etc. may be, I always appreciate creative and innovative people who aren't afraid to push boundaries.  Amy Winehouse was one of those people -- she changed the music industry and influenced fashion with her extreme style.  She was talented, edgy, ballsy and a little damaged.  Too young to say goodbye. 


Make It Work!

Being a diligent designer, I'm doing my very best to take Tim Gunn's advice!  But, I'm trying to make it work MY way -- the only way I know how.  I'm back on the genius site, Kickstarter, to fund my latest collection.  It was just one year ago that I first dipped my toes into the crowdsourcing pool on the advice of one of my biggest supporters, Wendy Brandes.  I was thrilled at the response I received and even more thrilled that I raised the money to put on my first runway show. 

Tim must be obeyed

Most of you know the story and most of you sponsored me.  Thanks!  It's been an amazing feeling to finally be designing my own collection rather than someone elses.  That's been my goal since I was a young girl, so I don't see any reason to turn back now.  I've made quite a bit of progress over the last year (WWD, Huffington Post, LIFE, Dstripped Mag, DFR) and I sincerely believe my big break is coming!  It takes time.  Rome wasn't built in a day, as they say.  I'm still working on getting my foot in the door with a store that is willing to buy more than one or two pieces of a style.  Persistence is key.  In order to be persistent, I need to be relevant which means, I need to consistently show collections.  Season after season.  You need to be in it to win it, so to speak.

my sketch in WWD - September 15, 2011

So, until I find a backer (I love when people suggest that to me like it's something that never occurred to me -- I'd much rather somebody could give me a name and a number!) or until I get a big order from Neiman's (Ken Downing, I love you!), I'm going to need to find other ways to finance my shows/collections.  Another one of my favorite suggestions that I get all the time is, "Why don't you get a celebrity to wear one of your pieces?"  To which I respond, "GREAT idea!  Do you know any?"  Then, there is usually an awkward pause.

Kim... you're my girlLet me dress you!

Anyway, I guess you can say I'm a little naive in that I still believe that people can become successful based on talent, hard work and sticking around long enough.  Well, you need to take all that, add being in the right place at the right time and sprinkle in a little luck!  That's the recipe.  So, you guys are my luck.  Help me make it happen!  Sponsor my Spring 2012 line (click this link or the widget)... any amount is appreciated and every little bit helps.  Spread the word!

Let's let Tim know that we "made it work!!"


Bella Bello

I've mentioned before that people tend to ask the question, "Who wears your clothes -- who is the Stacy Lomman woman?"  I loathe that question and I am always tempted to answer, "Anyone with kick-ass taste who doesn't mind spending money!!"  But, that wouldn't be very nice or very professional of me, now, would it?  So, I tell it like it is and say, "A self-assured, body-confident and strong woman with a sexy, yet sophisticated sense of style."  Recently, I selected Kim Cattrall as "my kind of gal."  While Kim is a perfect example, there are others out there! 

Maria Bello is an extremely gifted, yet very underrated (in my opinion) actress.  She is beautiful, she is strong, she is intelligent.  Trifecta.  Dangerous.  And she is a Pennsylvania gal, like myself, so I am even more fond of her!  Maria embodies chic, refined style and I'd love to get my hands on her!  Let me rephrase that -- I'd love to get one of my dresses on her! 

looking adorable in a beret -- wouldn't she look better in a Stacy Lomman : New York beret?

Photo: Randy Brooke
Model: Ekaterina Ermak


Color Of The Moment: Blue Curacao

I'm feeling Blue!  Bye bye orange... I'm so fickle.

Mediterranean Sea, Majorca, Spain

It's summer and blue is everywhere -- sky, sea, and fashion.  Pantone's "Blue Curacao," color #15.4825, is my pick of the moment. 

My new blue polish
color 471 by Brucci

Aquas and turquoise blues are always in style, so it's likely you will be able to find a pretty blue hue in the stores on any given day. 

And Pantones' 2010 color of the year, "Turquoise" #15.5519, (just a touch less yellow than the "Blue Curacao") is still perfectly fine to wear in 2011!

Feeling blue yet?


Miss Me?

My Taffetadarlings, I know I've been kind of "MIA" lately, but I promise to be back in the swing very soon!  Meanwhile, here's a topic...

-Men in Speedos
Discuss amongst yourselves...

I'm expecting LOTS of comments!!