STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


Goal and Win!

It's been a good week Taffetadarlings!  I reached my fundraising goal on Kickstarter and I couldn't have done it without your help.  Every season, I've had such an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement and this time was no different.  Also, with each collection, I've had a few "angels" come out of nowhere to surprise me with their extreme generosity.   I feel incredibly lucky that such wonderful people have so much faith in me and my work.  Thanks to everyone who contributed this season (and past seasons), I'm so excited for Fall 2012, "Modern World!"

The other piece of good news I received recently was being named as a finalist for the Fashion Group International's 2012 Rising Star Awards in women's ready-to-wear.  The awards luncheon, to announce the winners, was held on Thursday, January 26 and I got up bright and early to head over to my girl, and fellow finalist in the fine jewelry category, Wendy Brandes' place.  I brought her a freshly finished dress I made for her to wear for the happy occasion. 

Wendy in her red peplum dress

While I didn't snag the prize this year, I was so happy to be a finalist and I've set my sights on next year!  The good news is that WendyB DID snag the award for fine jewelry!  Yay!  So, she and my dress (well, it's technically hers) stepped up to the stage looking radiant.  I was so happy for her that the elation just spewed out of me and I inadvertently let out a "Whooo, yah Wendy!"

(right to left) Wendy, holding her award; friend, client and Kickstarter contributor, Christine; me wearing an orchid -- all of the finalists were given corsages!
I was at a table with my friend James, and his group from Hearst and thankfully, they didn't view my little outburst as obnoxious, but genuine.  They had all commented on our "tag team" dynamic when I passed the elaborate Empress Wu dragon ring that caught everyone's eye around the table for them to admire (Wendy let me borrow it for the day!).  "You guys are adorable," they gushed.  "You wear her jewelry and she wears your clothes!"  And Wendy made sure that the entire crowd at Cipriani knew that she was wearing my dress when she thanked me in her perfect speech.  Talk about sharing the spotlight!  Now, that's generosity in its purest.
proudly displaying Wendy's Empress Wu dragon ring!


Faux Ostrich Anyone?

I'm still pushing forward with my Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for my fall 2012 collection and I've recently added another sponsor tier to the project.  A contribution of $1000 will not only get you a custom faux ostrich vest, but it will help an up-and-coming designer (ME!) to show this season at New York Fashion Week.  Not into ostrich?  No problem!  I have a variety "prize" categories for different sponsorship levels.  Maybe you'd rather have a pair of retro sunglasses with my logo or a mug, keychain, tote bag or a collection T-shirt?  Check out my project on Kickstarter and if you're feeling generous, please make a donation -- you'll instantly become a fashionista... one of the cool kids (in my book!!).

long faux ostrich vest from my fall 2012 collection (shorter option available!)


2012 Golden Globes

The 2012 Golden Globes did not wow me.  Maybe I'm jaded.  Probably.  So, I'm going to keep this short and sweet -- no need to go into a lot of detail, it's pretty simple.  Here's my opinion of the evening's dresses...

       Yay                     Nay                Nay

Yay                                 Nay

Yay                          Nay

 Yay                     Nay     

     Yay                *Nay 
                                                         (*even though I adore Francisco Costa)             

Yay                       Nay

         Yay                      Nay

         Yay                        Nay

        Yay                                 Nay

    Yay                        Nay

              Yay                  ...ooops, I meant Nay

Yay                        Nay

Yay                         Nay

Yay                              Nay

Yay                           Nay

                                  Yay             ....uh, strike that! Nevermind.

Yay                           Nay

  Yay                     Nay

Yay                             Nay

Definitely NAY... in a category all by itself!


Knit Baby, Knit!

Let me begin this post by saying that I am not a knitter.  I'm a designer, a seamstress, a tailor, a draper and even a pattern maker, but knitting is out of my comfort zone.  I like to work with fabric -- it's dimensional, tangible.  Knitting is kind of like creating fabric.  Actually, it's a lot like that, considering that yarn/fibers are woven together to produce material.  So, I'm not sure exactly what or who inspired me (maybe the amazing Kristin from K-Line), but I was determined to make a scarf to include in my Fall 2012 presentation. I'm sharing a glimpse of the partially finished piece, but you'll have to stay tuned to see the final product!

hand knit scarf in black/white baby alpaca


WWD Announces FGI's Rising Star Finalists!

Guess what, taffetadarlings?  I am happy to report that I am a finalist in the women's ready-to-wear category for the Fashion Group International's, 2012 Rising Star Awards!  I am so excited!  I know that many of you have all followed my progress over the last eighteen months and it seems like just yesterday that I launched my debut collection for Spring 2011.  Time flies when you're crazy busy having fun!

clipping from WWD

The winners (in seven different categories) will be announced on January 26th and I'm keeping my fingers crossed not only for myself, but for my girl, WendyB, who is a finalist (second year in a row!!!) in the fine jewelry category.  Read Wendy's post here.
Wendy Brandes holding Henry in a tweed and leather STACY LOMMAN dress

This wonderful news couldn't come at a better time since I am working on a new collection for Fall 2012.  Talk about motivation!!  And I've just started a new campaign on Kickstarter, so if you want to help an up-and-coming designer, please click the link and see what I'm up to this season.


Bring It On, 2012!!

Happy New Year! I'm excited to report that today marks the second year anniversary of Taffetadarlings!  How time flies.  I was nearly forced at gunpoint encouraged to start a blog by the fabulously talented journalist-turned-jewelry designer, Wendy Brandes, who convinced me that it would be a good way to interact with and educate people about the world of fashion.  I mean, the REAL world of fashion and what it's like to be a designer trying to make it in the cut-throat industry. 

bronze color cashmere strapless dress from my Fall 2011 "French Resistance" collection
Photo: Shane LaVancher

So, I decided to do it, but I didn't want to be just another fashion blogger talking about how much they love Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler or posting outfit pictures every day.  Of course, outfit posts are great once in a while, but I wanted to take people on a journey (God, I hate that word, it's so overused) and allow them to "tag along" as I worked on my collections, raised funds and showed at NY Fashion Week. 

"vapor blue" sheath dress from my Spring 2012 "Biohazard" collection
Photo: Shane LaVancher

I hope you've all enjoyed it so far because there's more to come.  And I promise I'll keep mixing things up by continuing to write about music, art and anything interesting to me at any given moment!