STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


Feelin' The Love!

As you all know, I am putting together a small collection for Spring 2011.  While I'm very excited to take my private client business to the next level, I am terrified at the same time!  This is a lot for one person to take on and I definitely feel the pressure.  I've been trying to raise funds to help finance my mission and I wanted to thank everyone for their support.  You've all been great!

Some of you have gone beyond the call of duty and given me a "guest spot" in your blog.  Who knew the world of blogging would be so supportive.  There is a lot of camaraderie in the blogosphere!  Check out these mentions I got from four lovely women, all of whom have extremely interesting, creative, informative and well-written blogs.  If I were you, I would add them to my daily "must read" list.

The Bon Bon Rose Girls -- thank you Kristin S. and Megan
 Fabulous Finds -- thank you Elena
 40 Is the New Fabulous -- thank you Jen
K-Line -- thank you Kristin M


Your Personal Dress

Meet WendyB.  Most of you know her as the jewelry designer for SATC2 -- you know, those marvelous Cleopatra earrings that Samantha wore in the best scene of the entire film!  Anyway, WendyB is also a beautiful dress (seen below).  Ms. Brandes sponsored this baby for my upcoming Spring 2011 Collection.  Thank you Wendy!

If you would like your own dress that you will own after the presentation (late September), please contact me for the details in sponsoring your "baby."  The dress will also be named after you for everyone to see in the program.

There is a minimum donation required in order to sponsor a dress, but any contribution (nothing is too small) to help me get this collection together is greatly appreciated!  You will be mentioned and thanked!

To make a donation -- click on the button on my blog or on my website (  Also, you can contact me at taffetadarlings at gmail dot com.


Sponsor a Dress!

I'm still trying to raise money to be able to put together my collection for the upcoming Spring 2011, NY Fashion Week.  I've been working very hard, but it's just not possible without a little help (there are so many expenses to account for).

sponsor this dress from my upcoming collection!
donate via paypal (on this blog or on my website

Wendy Brandes (the insanely talented jewelry designer) has been kind enough to "sponsor a dress" from the collection.  Kimberly Robertson has also jumped on the idea with a kind donation.  I'm giving everyone the opportunity to do the same!  Tell your friends too...

Feel free to email me with any specific questions at taffetadarlings at gmail dot com


Get Horizontal!

Horizontal stripes make you look fat?  Pshaw!  I won't listen to that rumor, never have.  Something about the freshness of a black and white or navy and white stripe just looks right to me.  Sure, it can be perceived as overly nautical, but I don't consider that such a bad thing.  I imagine myself on a yacht somewhere!

Just like my obsession for white in the summer, I have the same affinity for stripes as you can see...

fine gauge sweater: Sandro
jeans: BCBG
polish: essie, peach daiquiri

tank: JET
shorts: Club Monaco
bag: Luciano Soprani
shoes: Charles David
metal belt: vintage

cardigan: Reiss
cut offs: Gap
shoes: Sonia Rykiel

top: Patrizia Pepe
jeans: BCBG
shoes: Via Spiga
bag: Gianni Chiarini
car: vintage Mercedes

top: boutique in London
denim skirt: Seven
shades: Max Mara
coffee: Starbucks

top: American Eagle
linen pants: Theory
bag: Francesco Biasia
shoes: Via Spiga
shades: Max Mara
lucite cuff: vintage

top: too old to remember
bag: Gianni Chiarini
jumbo ring: Bloomingdales

OK, are you getting stripe overload?  Well, there's more where these came from!  But, I will spare you the optic exercise... for now.



I love my city.  I had one of those days when I stopped every so often to look around me and acknowledge that fact. 

I had a coffee in Bryant Park and I got there toward the end of a presentation put on by Broadway in the Park.  How lucky that I live in a city where I can sit in a beautiful park and drink gourmet coffee while I catch a bit of a Broadway show?

singing and sunshine

From the park I made my way into the garment center to one of my favorite fabric stores.  As usual, I got lost in their gorgeous and exotic merchandise from all over the world.  I need to stop gravitating toward the $200 per yard qualities!  Ouch.

$210?  Really?  AND it's narrow goods...

When I left the fabric store, I bumped into Elvis.  Yes, that's what I said, it's not a typo.  How lucky that I happened to have my camera on me today!  Enjoy...

Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love


Paco & Pierre

Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin are two designers who have always inspired me. I like the strength that comes across in their pieces and the way the details are significant be not overdone. For me, metal equals modern and that speaks to my personal style. Nobody did metal better than Paco. Lovely Madeleine (of In New York Paris Tomorrow), put it perfectly in her comment on my last post (about Paco), “So far away and yet classic and futuristic.” This brings me to Mr. Cardin, who was known for his space age designs and futuristic fashions. Cardin studied architecture (like another one of my favs, Ferré), so it follows that he used geometry in his creations. And I bet all the “tweens” have no idea that they have Mr. Cardin to thank for their precious bubble dresses...sort of!

Paco Rabanne, 1967

Pierre Cardin, 1967

I find it such a shame that these two groundbreaking, iconic visionaries are pretty much known today for cologne. Maybe not for those who actually know about fashion, but to the average Joe they are, unfortunately, just another Drakkar Noir.



I'm researching this week and gathering inspiration.  European Preview was great (in NYC last week) and it got the creative wheels turning, but since the show concentrated on Fall/Winter 2011/12, I'm trying not to get too far ahead of myself.

I'm feeling very influenced by Paco Rabanne.  Hmm, come to think of it, I wonder if Rabanne was the inspiration behind Chris Isaak's "mirror ball" suit that he wore when I saw him in 2006?

Paco Rabanne chain mail dresses, circa 1967

Rabanne dress 1966, Photo by Richard Avedon



Hi everyone.  If I've been a little quiet lately it's because I have been spending time setting up a web site.  Please check it out ( and sign the "guest book."  I'm also working on a small collection that I plan to debut in September.  This is a pretty big undertaking considering I usually work on one piece at a time for specific clients, so I'm asking for a little support from my fellow readers to help get this thing off the ground.  Pass the word along to your friends and I'll keep everyone posted as to how things are progressing.  Should you care to make a contribution, please click the "donate" button on the web site or on my blog.

Wish me luck!


Cashmere In August

I'm loving these fun and colorful bangles from Yarborough.  I think they're kind of seasonless despite their wooly fibers.

I would wear this one with a cute little black dress...

black/hot pink cashmere bracelet, $90

And this one with all of my summer white...

multi-color wool bangle, $82.50

This one would be great with denim...

purple alpaca bangle, $97.50

And this one... I just love it.  Black and white is always perfect!

baby alpaca bracelet, $112

All of these pieces are available at Browns Fashion.


Turquoise And Glitter

After the Gaga experience last week, I got to thinking about all of the concerts I’ve been to in my lifetime – which isn’t a lot considering I’m such a music fan. I already wrote about my amazing experience seeing Berlin at a small college in Pennsylvania in 1986. Before that, I saw The Fixx at the fairgrounds in my hometown in PA. And I was lucky enough to see the band, LIVE (who were actually known as Public Affection at the time), when they were in High School playing at a local club in Pennsylvania which I frequented in the late 80’s.

Berlin, 1986

I got to see my teenage heartthrob, Charlie Sexton, at some very small club in NYC – I can’t even remember the name of the venue, but I remember having pleasant dreams that night. Adam Ant rocked at Irving Plaza in the early 90’s. I thought it was so cool that a 40 year old guy could still jump up on top of speakers and dance and strut around like he did. God, I was young! I saw Joe Strummer shortly before he passed and had the incredible luck to be backstage and meet him. Strangely, Roberto Benigni was there too and was quite a nice fellow.

Charlie Sexton sings, "Beat's So Lonely" - 1985

There was the Gipsy Kings concert at Radio City years ago, Erasure at McCarren pool, and of course, The Police at Giants Stadium in box seats… nice. My pal (and musician), Jensen took me to see Joan Jett sometime in the late 90’s and through her backstage connections we got to meet the rock queen. We also saw Debbie Harry a couple of years ago -- too bad I threw out my painted jean jacket from 1985!

gorgeous Blondie, circa 1980

But, the best concert I’ve ever been to was Chris Isaak. In 2006, I went for the first time ever to a concert with my parents (and my sister)! On our way to our seats, I heard some guy yell, “Excuse me!” I turned to give him my New York attitude when I realized he was one of Chris’ peeps. He asked if I wanted to dance on stage during a particular song. Uh…. Hell YES. “I need 3 more girls, so how about the other two?”  My sister and my mom were quite reluctant, but I finally managed to twist my sister’s arm. Mom didn’t cave.

"How could your momma refuse me?"

“San Francisco Days” was our cue. When we heard the beginning of that song, we were supposed to head down to the front and go back stage to get ready. Exciting! Chris sounded incredible and he swooned like only Chris can. He looked incredible too, like only Chris can! Suddenly, I heard the first couple notes of the signal song and my sis and I made our way toward the back stage door! We were merged with a group of about 8 other girls and we were all given instructions to dance and have fun, but not to take photos.

my backstage badge

Finally, “Bonnie Bee” started and we were released like a flock of penned in chickens and we all rushed on stage. Chris was sparkly. He was wearing his “mirror ball” suit and it almost hurt to look directly at him, but I did. He glittered, sparkled and reflected everywhere while he shook his booty. I had a fantastic view. My sister and I danced and laughed and had a great time.

Chris in his mirror ball suit

After the show, we bought T-shirts and stood in a relatively short line to have him sign them. I never do that. I made an exception. When it was our turn, he drew a guitar on my sister’s tee and then moved over to me. I felt like a school girl with a mad crush. My heart beat faster. He started to draw a caricature of his face on my tee when he glanced up and noticed my necklace. I was wearing a huge piece of turquoise on a silver chain. “I love your necklace,” he said. I love YOU, I wanted to say, but managed to reply, “I just got it in San Francisco. I was there last week.” He put down his Sharpie, looked up from the table and said to me in a very sweet and nostalgic tone, “Oh… I miss my home town.” He paused for a few seconds to reflect. “Yes, it’s a really wonderful city,” I said. Those are the words that came out of my mouth, but in my mind I was thinking… God, you are so good looking, what I wouldn’t do…

Chris Isaak's "signature"

my lucky turquoise

I still wear my giant hunk of turquoise. It makes me think of Chris and his glittery, sparkly tush!


Monster Ball

Tuesday, we hit a record setting temperature of 103 degrees in Central Park.  Wednesday, NYC topped out at 100, breaking the 1993 record of 98 degrees.  So when Lady Gaga took the stage the following evening at Madison Square Garden, things were already sizzling.

It was HOT.  Gaga was HOT.  Lucky for her she doesn't mind prancing around in her skivvies, in fact, she seems quite comfortable doing deep squats and straddling her piano bench half naked in front of a stadium full of people.  Well, if she were shy she certainly wouldn't have been able to claw (paws up!) her way to the top and fill MSG!

images on giant video screen

opening number

Gaga gets a lift

I went to the show/Gaga's Monster Ball with my two blogalicious buddies, WendyB (wendybrandes) and Tina, a.k.a. TRex of The Occasional Cook.  While I dressed like a civilian, Wendy looked like some sort of robot/goddess/disco queen and Tina disguised herself in a blond bobbed wig (which isn't too much of a stretch since she is blond!).

blond bombshell, Tina & space siren, Wendy

Of course, Gaga had some unique outfits and I think she had more changes than Carrie in SATC2.  She started the show with her famous giant square shoulder jacket, then switched to bodysuit, then some kind of spiky leather get-up, then to a studded bra and panties, to some sort of ice princess, to an Indian tribal type of thing, to another bodysuit...I think.  I lost track of it all!  I know I'm missing the sheer plastic tulip skirt and top with the X tape over the breasts.  And speaking of breasts, she had sparklers shooting out of them at the end of the show!  Oh, and there was definitely a devil cape in the mix and a crazy looking nun's habit.  I wish she wouldn't make a habit of it.

clad in leather
ice princess

Gaga sparkles

Gaga was born to entertain an audience.  Some people just have that "IT" factor and she is one of those people.  And of those people, she is in an elite class -- very much like Madonna.  In fact, I couldn't help comparing her to Madonna throughout the show.  Initially, I likened her to Dale Bozzio of the new wave 80's band, Missing Persons (love!), but I think she has gone well beyond that. 

I have made a list of Gaga and Madonna similarities...
1. Dyed blonde hair:  I think in most cases Gaga wears wigs, but they are blond... or yellow!
2. They both like to be in their underwear.
3. Gaga rolled around the stage a bit, a la Madonna in Like A Virgin.
4. Alejandro = Like A Prayer
5. Gaga seems to have employed all of Madonna's dancers.
6. They both push the envelope.
7. Madonna adopted a faint British accent for a while and I noticed Gaga manipulating certain words to sound a bit more British... or a bit like Madonna.
8. They both dance their tushes off, but I would give it to Madonna (hands down... I mean, paws down) in dance off between the two.

Madonna, 1987 & Gaga on Wednesday night

Madonna shows some muscle...

...and so does Gaga

I have to give the Lady credit.  She worked her booty off and the girl has some serious pipes.  And she can really play the piano.  No, I stand corrected; she can really kick ASS on the piano.  Actually, it turns out; she can play that thing WITH her ass -- and with her stiletto boot.  That is one thing I don't think Madonna could do.  Check it out...

sorry about my horrible video camera skills!

Overall, I thought Gaga was pretty damn amazing.  Even though the bizarre creature at the end of the show (the monster of the ball?) was kind of 7th grade school play to me, I pardoned it and focused on the music and the energy of the crowd.  And what a crowd!  The Garden was packed with screaming fans of all ages, races, and walks of life.  Oh yeah, and the Gaga wannabes...:-)

a giant sea monster gives Gaga a scare

Gaga and her boys take a bow


Seeing Stars

As I mentioned in my previous post, the beautiful Farrah Fawcett wore a stars-and-stripes gown by talented designer, Zang Toi to the Oscar's in 2003.  Since Google (a.k.a. "Poodle") was unable to help me out, I contacted Zang.  He had his office email me these incredible pics...

Fawcett in HELLO! magazine wearing Zang Toi, 2003

Farrah at the same (as above) Vanity Fair Oscar party with Ryan O'Neal in 2003

Thank you Zang for sharing these wonderful photos.  I realized as I was writing this that Farrah Fawcett passed away just over one year ago (June 25, 2009).  We really lost an American Icon.  I think every red-blooded teenage boy had Farrah's famous red bathing suit poster hanging on their wall in the 70's and 80's!  Even Zang Toi said, "She was my favorite angel."

Farrah shows her patriotism in 1976

Zang Toi gives Farrah Fawcett some love


Stars, Stripes and Plaid

Happy Independence Day! I hope everyone stateside celebrated in style and steered clear of any “fashion faux pas of the 4th” as I pointed out in my previous post. I proudly wore red, white and blue which is a huge boost to my usual summer white – not to mention the rest of my predominately black and grey wardrobe.

madras shirtdress: Tommy Hilfiger
bag: Gianni Chiarini
denim shoes: Via Spiga
cuff: vintage
shades: Max Mara

The lovely Wendy Brandes reminded me that her pal, Zang Toi (whose showroom we visited last month) did a pretty little patriotic frock which was worn by Farrah Fawcett to the Oscar’s, but I couldn’t find a photo to share. Toi’s post-9/11, fall 2002 collection paid homage to the stars and stripes. What a brilliant grouping of tasteful ensembles beaming with U.S. pride. Thank you Zang!

Zang Toi, Fall 2002