STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel



Well taffetadarlings, it's done.  Over. Fin.  5,000 hours of work for five minutes!  All in all, it was a great show and I was/am very happy.   Here are a few pictures taken by Ernest Schmatolla, Publisher, Lookonline. I'll post more tomorrow, but now it's time for some much needed rest....

happy and smiling at the end of the show!

UPDATE: Wendy Brandes attended the show and tried on a sample backstage!
Check out her post here...



Fall Fashion Show

The clock is ticking and we're just a few days away from my Fall 2011 show!!  Anxious.  That is the best word to describe my mood right now.  I'm really looking forward to showing this collection and while the excitement builds, I realize there are many things still to be done and many "fashion emergencies" to contend with before the first girl hits the catwalk.  I swear, after designing, planning and organizing my second season, I feel like I can conquer anything.  Multi-tasking is my middle name.  No, it's not "Danger," baby!  BE-HAVE!

If you're a fashion blogger and haven't received an invite and would like to attend, pls. contact me!


Midnight Oil

As I approach the one week mark till my show date, I've been logging in some very late nights, burning the midnight oil.  My sewing machine has been working overtime and now he's demanding workman's comp (yes, it's a "he").  I said, "No."  I'm a difficult boss.

Burning the Midnight Oil
It's hard to believe with the hundreds of channels available in this day and age, there is nothing on TV late at night besides a variety of infomercials, horrible reality shows and chances are, Ghost, Forrest Gump or Pretty Woman is on at least one channel.  Everything else is Poker.  I cannot understand how people can watch that.  Ten times more boring than golf.  It's like watching paint dry with the annoying clanking of the chips in the background.  Luckily, I've stumbled across some episodes of Laverne & Shirley and Happy Days which keep me company and they also give me a bit of a nostalgic feeling. 

But, I felt the need to share two cheesy commercials that I see every night.  They win the award of the year for the most ridiculous products...

Pajama Jeans (say that three times fast!) -- ICK!  These are like Indigo "Juicy" jog suits with topstitching detail.  I'm not sure if Jennine of Eat, Sleep, Denim is aware of these beauties yet, although I would hardly classify them as jeans or denim of any kind. 

Did you guys call?  Order before it's too late!!

Style snaps are actually plastic adhesive parts that you stick to your clothes to adjust them (lengthwise, or to keep a cleavage popping shirt secure!).  Um... yeah, that's exactly what I want.  Plastic snaps attached to my clothes.  Gee, I bet nobody would notice.  So chic!



Ah, Saint Patrick's Day. I had forgotten all about you until I couldn't get into the subway station this morning due to the fact the police had dogs sniffing some sort of package down below. Finally, the fuzz opened the tape and allowed the mass of people that was now stretched out for over a block, into the station.

Robert Smith sings about lime green and snakes.  Can you dig it?

Every year, New York City turns into a parade of freaks on this day more so than any other day. There is, in fact, an official St. Patty's parade, but it spreads much further and wider than it's predetermined course. I want to like it, I want to be festive and I wish I liked beer, but I just don't. That said, I obviously didn't wear green today -- not exactly because I'm rebelling against the alcohol frenzied holiday, but because I forgot all about it. I've got nothing against green. I quite like it.


Tasty Little Morsels

I happen to love French macarons.  Correction, I happen to adore them, go insane for them, eat them for lunch (or dinner), die for them.  So, if I love them so much, why don't I marry them, right?  I would if I could my taffetadarlings, but alas, they're a pastry.

they taste as good as they look

Everywhere I go, I look for these tasty little morsels and I compare all of the different shops in all of the different countries.  Till now, nobody could quite match up to Fauchon (in my opinion), but all that changed in one random, unplanned stroll down West 23rd Street on the way to a meeting.  The colorful window caught my eye all the way across the street (I think I just have a keen sense for sweets).  Macarons!  Loads and loads of them.  Paradise.  I found heaven. La Maison du Macaron.

with the strict policies, I can't believe they allowed me to take a photo!

While the macarons were the best I had ever had -- perfect texture, slightly crunchy on the outside, just the right amount of chewy, creamy center and mouth watering flavor -- my heavenly experience was tainted with a fairly unwelcome atmosphere.  Okay, so I ordered my pastries with a Starbuck's cup in hand, but in my defense, I hadn't planned on popping into this shop and a girl needs her coffee, right?  Just as I was about to pay, one of the girls behind the counter said to the girl ringing me up, "Um, did you tell her about the cups?"  And the second girl said to me, "Oh, right.  Uh, you can't have any outside beverages in here... so... is it pretty much gone?"  Reluctantly, I quickly gulped down most of my coffee and tossed it in the trash.  As if this wasn't bad enough, the signage was distracting and further added to the "we don't really want you here" attitude.  Every single table proudly displayed a warning, BUS YOUR TABLES, PLS. BRING DISHES TO THE COUNTER, or NO SITTING FOR MORE THAN 30 MIN., and of course, NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGES.  I understand where they're coming from, but there must be a better way to get the point(s) across.  I felt like I had to wolf down my cookies and hit the road.  So, I did.  And as delicious as the macarons were, I doubt I'll be running back anytime soon.  The chef/baker is beyond genius, but the customer service stinks.  With so many businesses struggling, they should value and try to KEEP their customers.  Especially the ones willing to pay $6 for two teeny weeny (albeit yummy) cookies.


Oui To Bui

Designer, Barbara Bui, is nothing if not consistent.  I've been a fan of her sleek style for years now and her Fall 2011 collection did not disappoint.  She balanced proportion through her use of oversize jackets paired with skinny pants.  And as always, there was no shortage of leather and fur.  I'm particularly drawn to the bright white ensemble -- looks so fresh and current...

Photo Source (all): Yannis Vlamos / via


Tragic Trifecta

1. Why didn't I do an Oscar post?  I didn't think it was worth the effort.  Besides, everybody else did so I just thought, "What's one more post based on one person's opinion?"  Sure, it would have been MY opinion and, therefore, the correct one, but I'm not concerned so much about judging what others are wearing.  I do wish that I could do damage control and style those starlets properly (and, of course, outfit them in my dresses).

Galliano with an evil looking smirk

2. Why didn't I weigh in on the Galliano meltdown?  Same reason.  What else can I possibly say that hasn't been said already?  Though I am curious what will happen at the close of the Dior show in Paris this afternoon.  Will they announce JG's successor?   Honestly, I don't even think I'm going to be that excited to hear the news unless the higher ups at Dior want to offer me the position!  At any rate, they'd better do it soon so that can update their "about the designer" information as it still shows a photo of Galliano who they describe as having a muscle-bound physique and runway swagger.  They left out the part about his foul mouth and his love for Hitler.

who knew this kid would grow up to be such a dipshit

3. And finally, there's the Charlie Sheen situation.  I decided to pretty much ignore his "bizarro world" and his uber-narcissistic behavior because I just don't care.  I wish the media didn't give it so much attention.  He's an unattractive, mildly talented actor with a bloated sense of self-entitlement.  Oh, wait, I guess I just weighed in, didn't I?


Silver Streak

Just another little snippet to draw you in (hopefully)!  I'm working my way through my Fall Collection, one piece at a time, and I'm simply in love with the silver coated grey wool fabric that is taking shape right now as a new jacket piece. 

swatch card

Okay, I know it's pretty difficult to see what's going on here, but the "big reveal" will happen soon enough.  Meanwhile, I don't want to spoil it, I just want to entice you! 

a jacket starting to form...