STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


Party Time! Stacy's Style List

Memorial Day marks the official beginning of summer, barbecues and cook outs.  Wondering what to wear?  I found some casual, comfortable, yet flirty party dresses perfect for an outdoor occasion...

Cacharel, speckle printed cotton sundress: $1,860
available at Barneys

Prada, cotton/linen dress: $970
available at Neiman Marcus

Boss Black, silk/cotton plaid dress: $595 
available at Saks

Malene Birger, cotton jersey striped maxi dress: $245
available at Saks

All Saints, cotton Ikat printed dress: $165
available at All Saints stores


Say It Ain't So, O!

Oh, Oprah.  How sad you make me... make us... the whole world.  Today marks the end of an era, the end of something dependable, familiar, reliable.  For twenty-five years, Oprah Winfrey was there for us and I think we all sort of used her (to some small degree, at least) as free therapist.  To be honest, I haven't really watched Ms. O. in years, but there was something comforting about knowing that she was still around... every day at 4pm!  And I did catch a lot of the episodes in the wee hours of the night while burning the midnight oil working on my collections.

Classic MAD TV!

On that note, I'm a little miffed that she went off the air before she had the opportunity to interview ME!  I guess I'll have to start with more humble beginnings like, say, Craig Ferguson!  Yes, I'd be happy to grant him an interview after I receive some amazing award like the CFDA's womenswear designer of the year!  Okay, I'm sooo over Oprah now!  Who??  Oprah.  Winfrey... You haven't heard of her?  LOL.


RAPTURE!!! By Blondie, Not Christ!

Deborah Harry called it back in 1981, before all the crazies!  But, she was always ahead of her time!  Love ya Debbie!  Oh, and we can't forget about Fab 5 Freddie -- he helped out!!



Got your attention??  Good.  I just received my copy of the premiere print issue of Dstripped magazine in which, I just happen to be featured! 

my name in bold print!

Dstripped magazine debuted online in October 2010 and Editor-In-Chief, Clinton Allen, let his message be heard. Allen’s goal with this publication is to showcase and promote talented, aspiring artists and small business owners with limited budgets. Allen says that he is inspired by their passion and their struggles and he started Dstripped to recognize these creative individuals. The magazine isn’t saturated with ads; instead it strips away the marketing fa├žade to reveal real stories about real people. Clinton is the Robin Hood of the glossy editorial world and Karen is his Maid Marian.

one of my pieces (photo: Randy Brooke) in the magazine

So, when Marketing/PR Director, Karen Allen, contacted me about the opportunity to appear in the first print issue of the magazine, I was more than happy to send her some photos and to be interviewed by one of her writers. Right now, the premiere print issue, Spring/Summer 2011, can be ordered online through Dstripped’s web site, but hopefully, sometime in the near future, this trailblazer publication will be available in the local Barnes & Noble. In order for that to happen, they need support. I, for one, would like to see this unique magazine, with good intentions and innovative vision, stick around for a while. For selfish purposes, perhaps, but mostly because I support the Allens’ message and I’m sure a lot of designers and artists, like me, do also.

inside cover

Please purchase a copy if you’re able and please spread the word. The magazine is 167 pages full of articles and beautiful photos – unlike my disappointing issue of March Vogue. The subject matter ranges from culinary, travel and art to design, models and photography. The cost is $20, but it’s well worth it and the price will be lower in the future after some of the initial investment is recouped.


Come on... with a name like Dstripped, I couldn't resist!


Me Likey

Stopped in my tracks passing by a vintage shop on my block the other evening, I snapped this pic so that I could add it to my "items I hope to possess one day."  Adorable, no?

vintage NY/London mini in chartreuse


Fall 2011 Fashion Show

For those of you who do not have a Facebook account (the "anti-FB's"), I wanted to share my Fall 2011 Collection with you.  After hours and hours of editing and arranging still photos, sound bytes and runway clips with my videographer extraordinaire, the video is finally here!  Hope you enjoy...



Happy Mother's Day to everyone, especially to my beautiful mommy, Suzette.  Sound familiar, you say?  Well, that's because she was the proud sponsor of the "Suzette dress" from my debut Spring 2011 collection back in September.  Thanks mom! 

In addition to being one of my dress sponsors and, of course, a sponsor for my Fall 2011 collection, mom has always been there for me.  From scrapes and falls to boyfriends and break-ups, mom was there with a hug.  I can't exactly say the same for the parties, the broken statues or paint on the carpet, but hey, at least I'm alive to tell about it!

mom, 1964

mom and me, 2010



Happy Cinco de Mayo taffetadarlings!


The Fashion Police Finally Take Down Bin Laden

Of course I'm joking!  I couldn't be more proud to be an American today and I get goosebumps thinking about the CIA, JSOC, the Navy Seals, etc.  U.S. kicks ass.  It may have taken nearly a decade to bring down the scraggly scumbag wrapped in a dirty sheet, but I think that proves the point -- we will not forget.  We will persevere as a nation and make good on a promise... or a threat.

Let's bid farewell to this pig by laughing at some of his questionable fashion choices...

He was never a "Sharp Dressed Man"

Doing the "walk of shame"

casual Friday
Photo Source

animal lover
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taking a walk on the wild side