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McQueen For A Princess: Sarah Burton Steps Up

Trumpets, crumpets, pomp and circumstance.  Finally... the dress revealed.  For the first time in a long time, my gut instinct was correct.  Princess Catherine chose to wear McQueen. 

Photo: Getty via Daily Telegraph

Sarah Burton took over as creative director last May, shortly after the great designer, Alexander McQueen, hanged himself.  Burton was under a tremendous amount of pressure and millions of eyes across the world were on Kate... and her dress.  Burton delivered.  The dress was appropriate and quite suitable for a princess; lace covered up Kate's sinewy arms and athletic shoulders.  Her pretty and naturally made-up face was visible through the sheerest of sheer veils, a perfectly fitted bodice whittled down her already slender waist and the back detail was marvelously folded and draped without becoming too heavy.  Well done Ms. Burton.  And well done Ms. Middleton -- pardon me, I meant, Princess Catherine.


My Top Twenty Reasons For Loving Britain

Last year after Fall 2010 Fashion Week wrapped in London, I posted my top twenty reasons for loving Britain.  I still stand by this list (which you can see here in last years post, (Rule, Brittania!).  What do you love about the UK?


The Royal Wedding: Who Will Kate Wear?

It's nearly upon us.  The much talked about and much celebrated union of Prince William and "commoner" Kate Middleton -- we'd all be lucky to be that common.  The world has been waiting with baited breath to see the bride's dress.  Buckingham Palace has been very tight-lipped about Kate's decision (well, that's assuming it's actually Kate's decision to make), however, there has been quite a bit of speculation and rumor.  Will it be McQueen?  Apparently, Alexander's successor, Sarah Burton, has denied the gossip, but I'm not so sure there isn't some truth the the whispers.  We'll find out soon enough. 

Gareth Pugh, Spring 2009
Photo: Marcio Madeira via

Meanwhile, I posted a little poll to see what my taffetadarlings thought (please vote on the sidebar).  McCartney?  A very good possibility, plus her dad's a knight.  Westwood?  Maybe.  After all, she came back in 2006 to win British Fashion Designer of the Year after receiving it fifteen years prior.  She's proven that she's a contender.  Or, will Kate go with Diana's guy, Bruce Oldfield?  These are all obvious choices, but Middleton might surprise us all by selecting a frock by some obscure designer (who will inevitably rise to fame immediately thereafter), or by donning something avant-garde by Gareth Pugh, Victor & Rolf or maybe even Pam Hogg.  Maybe not.  Most likely not!

Victor & Rolf, Spring 2011
Photo: Monica Feudi/ via

Additional note:  I cannot believe how many horrible knock offs of the Royal Ring I've seen.... this one takes the Royal Wedding Cake -- for only $19.99 it can be yours!
"The Official Royal Wedding Ring" As seen on TV! 
(a.k.a. "Cheap Piece of Garbage") 

Wouldn't you rather have these incredibly detailed and exquisitely crafted pieces by Wendy Brandes? 
Matilda Sword Earrings by Wendy Brandes
White and yellow 18K gold
Two rose-cut diamonds
Four sapphires

Matilda Sword Necklace by Wendy Brandes
18K white gold sword pulls out of 18K yellow gold scabbard
Two rose-cut diamonds
Four blue sapphires


Just Say NO... To Bunnies And Chicks!

my bunny Miles (Netherland Dwarf)
May 1999 - May 2008

It's that time of year again... baskets, bonnets, pretty dresses and pastels.  Cadbury, Peeps, egg hunts and the smell of fresh cut grass.  Spring is in the air.  And, of course, Easter time means bunnies and chicks.  I thought it would be fitting to repost my Easter piece from last year because I still have the same message...

Original post from 4.4.2010

little "Miss Miles" (I thought she was a boy when I first got her and never bothered to change her name!)
Since it is Easter and I am a bunny person, I wanted to remember my dear little pet "Miles" who passed away nearly three years ago at the ripe old age of nine. What is that in bunny years anyway? I ADORED my little pipsqueak more than anything and spoiled her rotten. I miss her everyday :-(
she was trained so well - she could jump for her treats!
Many people feel that Easter is an appropriate time to purchase little fluffy chicks or baby bunnies for their little ones, but they don't take the time to research and understand that these animals require just as much love, attention and care as a dog or cat.  A lot of times, children are excited and fascinated with their new pets for a few days and quickly become bored and ignore the animals, or even worse, neglect them.
Miles lounging in one of her beds
Miles lounging in my bed!
As if animal cruelty isn't rampant enough, every year around this time an overwhelming number Easter "bunnies" are abandoned or harmed.  If you know anybody who is considering buying a rabbit as a gift, please let them know about this and maybe they will reconsider.  They should really look into rescuing a poor little fluff ball that needs a home as opposed to purchasing a brand new, shiny one.
I didn't get her as a gift... I just did really annoying things to her which she tolerated (against her will!)

Sorry to get all "preachy," this is just something near and dear to my heart.

my sweetie

UPDATE: WendyB kindly sent me this article from the Wall St. Journal. Thanks Wendy!!


Kim Cattrall Is My Kinda Gal

One of the questions I'm asked fairly often as a designer is, "Who do you see wearing your clothes -- who is the Stacy Lomman woman?"  I never really liked that question.  It doesn't have a simple answer.  Usually I just say something canned like, "Well, my girl isn't defined by age, race or profession.  She is a woman who is confident in her own skin and who likes to look sexy, yet refined."  Sometimes, I'll add that she must (obviously) have good taste!  Unfortunately, that answer never goes over very well -- everybody is looking for a name.  They want to put a face/body/image to my label.  Fine.  Okay then, it's got to be Kim Cattrall.

Kim Cattrall (photo source unknown)
Let's face it, with a body like that she can wear anything and look good!

Most people know her best for her role as the uber sexy Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, but well before she teamed up with SJP and the girls Cattrall had many many film credits under her belt.  That's not to say I didn't completely worship love her character on SATC, but Kim is quite a diverse and talented actress -- from Porky's and Police Academy to Mamet and Chekov (I'll forgive her for Mannequin!).  She is stunningly gorgeous, elegant and smart.  Kim has always represented strength and self-assuredness to me.  Now THAT is the Stacy Lomman woman.


Is There A Silver Lining?

My Fall Collection is causing friction.  Immediately after my show, two of my friends ran back stage to try on the silver motorcycle jacket  -- the first look down the runway.  Jewelry designer and blogger, WendyB, has been a faithful client of mine for a while now, so I certainly have to get her a jacket of her own.  Beauty editor and good friend, Candice Sabatini jokingly said to Wendy, "We'll have to fight for it."  I'm thrilled at the response this little sample stirred up just minutes after it appeared on the catwalk, but I don't want anyone to get hurt!

Left: Wendy Brandes poses in my silver jacket
Right: Candice Sabatini in the silver sample
Photos: Randy Brooke

Several days later, I began putting my lookbook together and thought what a great piece it would be to get into Barney's!  I'm aiming high my taffetadarlings!  Why not?  I love all of my "babies" from my fall line, but I do think this one has a wide range of appeal.  Perhaps it's the "dress me up, dress me down" aspect of the design, perhaps it's the shape, or the fabric. Or maybe it's just simply, cool!

Model: Polina Mawuli
Photos: Randy Brooke

Last Friday I participated in a charity fashion show (more on that later) for the tsunami victims in Japan.  There were other designers showing as well, including two menswear designers, therefore, there were male models present.  Bonus!  Anyway, I became friendly with a few of them and one in particular, Justin Rinehart, was quite taken with.... the silver jacket!  "I'm obsessed with this jacket," he said.  "It's very McQueen," he added.  Okay, I don't know if that's total BS, but I loved him for saying it! 

Model: Polina Muwali
Photos: Randy Brooke

So now, I've got three people fighting over one jacket and one of them happens to be a guy!  Looks like I'll just have to do a production run on this piece, doesn't it?  Maybe you guys will actually see this in Barney's someday soon.  Here's hoping!!


Fashion For Charity

Some people think fashion is fluff.  Superficial stuff.  Well, that's partially true, we don't NEED clothes to survive (apart from the bare essentials) and we certainly don't need 60+ pairs of shoes (like yours truly) or any of the excesses that most of us partake in when it comes to our wardrobes.

But, fashion can prove itself useful for the greater good.  Case in point, the Perfect Red Circle.  A charity event to help raise money for the victims of the tsunami in Japan, the Perfect Red Circle is a collaboration between Diaspora Models and Pinstripe Magazine.  I am proud and honored to be one of the participating designers and I'll be showing my collection tomorrow evening at 6.45 sharp!  The event takes place on Friday, April 8 between 6.30-9.30 pm at the Griffin on Gansevoort Street in the heart of the trendy NYC Meatpacking District.  For those of you who are locals, click this link to get the are free, but a $10 donation is suggested.  For all of you out-of-towners, sorry you can't see it live, but you can still make a donation!


Pictures From My Fall Collection

I was finally able to catch up with the photographer who shot my show, the great, Randy Brooke.  While I'm going through hundreds of photos trying to select the best ones for a lookbook, I thought, in the meantime, I would share some with my taffetadarlings...


Who Knew The French Resistance Was So HOT!?

Click here to read the lovely review of my Fall Collection by Lookonline!  Also, I'll be posting more pictures throughout the weekend, so check back... often!
Meanwhile, please enjoy the following photos taken by my very good friend and very talented photographer, Richard Renda (he is "TOTALLY COOL ®"-- read about him here)...