STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


This Is Fashion People -- BE ORIGINAL!

Many of you know by now that IFB founder and author of The Coveted (the original!), Jennine Jacob, is dealing with a situation!  It's a ridiculous situation that doesn't even come with a six pack (that was just for you, Jersey Shore fans)!  I won't attempt to explain the entire legal situation (Jennine clarifies it in her post on January 27th), but apparently somebody else coveted the name "The Coveted" and acquired it to launch their own fashion blog.  Now, if they were smart they would have started with a search from the get-go to see whether or not that name was already occupied (hyphen or no hyphen) -- at least in the same type of category.  And if they were aware of fashion blogging at all, I dare say they should have been aware of Jacobs' The Coveted and IFB.  Shame on them if they were "not in the know."  I mean, IFB is one of the main reasons fashion bloggers even have a voice/platform today.  So, it seems as though these "new coveted" or "faux coveted" mean girls are not only ungrateful, but they are taking advantage of the foundation that Jacobs' laid and benefiting from all of her hard work.  Not cool.  Sign the petition to support Jennine and the ORIGINAL Coveted.  Also, WendyB started fundraising efforts to help out.  Wendy is offering to donate to the cause, a generous amount from every sale made on her fun 'swear rings', OMG, LOL and NYC rings!! There is also the option to contribute monetarily without making a purchase.  So, come on fashion bloggers, let's unite.  Fight the fight!  We all owe a lot to Jennine.

To attend IFB's amazing Fashion Blogger Conference during New York Fashion Week, click here to get your ticket now... they are going fast!!


Shine Brightly!

Snow is not my friend.  We do not like each other.  I am a warm weather girl, but I cannot imagine actually living anywhere other than New York City, so I suck it up and take the bad with the good.  I have, on occasion, contemplated Los Angeles, but every time I visit I feel a bit alien and am anxious to return home to my city.  I have been accused of being an elitist New Yorker (granted, it was by my parent's neighbor in FL who had to ask what a fig was when I described how I had stuffed them with blue cheese and wrapped them in prosciutto for an appetizer).  But, I digress...

So, I just took the long way around or the scenic route to simply say that I hate snow, but love New York!  Suffice it to say that it takes a very special occasion to get me out of my sweatpants and warm, dry apartment and into sub-freezing temperatures, wicked winds and slushy puddles.  Well, yesterday was one of those very special occasions.  I risked the tundra and nearly got 'taxi splashed' all over my charmeuse to attend the Fashion Group International's Rising Star Awards.  My very dear friend and talented jewelry designer, Wendy Brandes, was among the five finalists in the fine jewelry category.  BRAVO!

Center: Rising Star finalist in the fine jewelry category, Wendy Brandes
Left to Right: me, BarbaraB, Christine, WendyB, Alyssa, Tina

Tensions were high in Cipriani's grand ballroom, but Team Wendy was confident.  FGI President, Margaret Hayes, introduced host, Jamie Pallot of Conde Nast who cleverly joked, "Snow is the new black."  Keynote speaker, Norma Kamali gave an inspiring speech and commended all of the finalists for achieving what only the most elite in the industry have.  And that is not an understatement.  Although WendyB may not have won (this time!), it was an extremely close race and she could just as easily have taken home the award yesterday.  Congratulations Wendy!!! 


Winter Blues

Ever since NYC had the blizzard in December that grounded planes for days (including MINE!), New Yorkers have been hit hard.  Again and again.  In fact, it is snowing as I'm writing this post.  Enough!  I tend to get the winter blues every year because I am effected so much by the weather and definitely fall victim to SAD.  A few years ago, I invested in one of those light machines that helps to stimulate your retina which triggers the brain to produce serotonin.  It works.  Most offices and inside lighting don't measure much above 300 lux (three times less than an overcast day) while light boxes put out 10,000 lux or the equivalent to actual daylight (direct sunlight is over 30,000 lux).

denim overload!

But, it's not just the grey and gloomy weather that has got me fed up, it's the fact that I cannot find a properly fitting pair of jeans to slip into on these wintry days when I want to be casual, comfy and still somewhat stylish.  Many women struggle with this issue, I know I'm not alone, but it is completely frustrating.  Now, I know all too well how hard it is to make a decent fitting pair of pants and I'm sure my comrade in construction, K-Line will concur.  But, why is every pair of jeans too big on my waist, yet too tight on my legs?  Okay, I am a bit athletic and that causes problems, but still I shouldn't have this much trouble.

"Denim Dont's"  NEVER do this!! 
(I don't know why stupid Blogger will not let me import this image vertically -- the way it is actually saved!)
Wouldn't it be great if we could all just customize our jeans?  There have been (and still are) other places who custom make denim trousers, but they come with a hefty price tag.  Well, I recently came across a site called "Make Your Own Jeans."  Um... that pretty much says it all!  Make Your Own Jeans claims to tailor a pair perfect for your shape starting as low as $49.  Pretty great, wouldn't you say?  Levi's offers a similar deal with their Curve ID.  So, I'm giving up on overpriced, ill-fitting brands and giving this a shot.  Well, in all honestly, I will probably just suffer with what I've got already for the rest of the season because I'm being extra frugal these days, but when I'm ready for new jeans I will most definitely go about it a new way.


Threads Of Color

Anyone who loves and appreciates fashion, especially American design, should check out a wonderful organization called Threads Of Color.  A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the global diversity of American Fashion Designers as well as raising scholarship funds for fashion students, TOC is doing its part to save the garment center.  And we love them!

the artistic invitation

I was lucky enough to be invited by my dear friend and TOC co-executive director, Mitria di Giacomo, (CEO and President, Nexusplexus) to a fashionable fundraiser last week called "Salute to America."  Excited and proud to be involved, I purchased a ticket and showed up... fashionably late.  Typical.  Well, in my defense it was completely across town and there was a blizzard!

at the event, staying warm and dry!

Inside Bernstein Displays Showroom, mannequins (and a few live models) were decked out in red, white and blue ensembles by Tommy Hilfiger, Lafayette 148 and Elieen Fisher as well as some of the scholarship winners. Guests mingled, studied the displays and devoured the snacks and drinks.  To read more about the event, click here.

Photo: Richard Renda

With designers/members including; Carmen Marc Valvo, Stephen Burrows and Tracy Reese, the organization is growing and is sure to be an integral part of sustaining fashion in New York City (a.k.a. the fashion capital of the world!  Maybe I'm just biased.)  Please take a look at their website and support their mission by making a donation.  


An Ending And A Beginning

Today marks the end of my fundraising efforts on the Kickstarter website.  As most of you know, I did, in fact, meet my goal and therefore the project will be financed.  Yay!  Again, thank you to everyone who contributed.

While one project is ending, another is just beginning.  The funds have been raised and I am now able to move on to "phase II."  I'm anxious to get going with my Fall 2011 Collection!  This time, the theme is the French Resistance.  That's all I'm giving away!  My sponsors on Kickstarter will be privy to behind the scenes updates, but you will all have to be patient and wait to see the final product.

Let's make a great collection!


Gone With The Windows

All this talk about the fashion at the Golden Globes has me kind of burnt out.  Best dressed, worst dressed, fashion police, Joan Rivers says yay or neigh, Giuliana Rancid, uh, I mean Rancic's red carpet much pressure!  I would guess that Hollywood stars and starlets have enough money to pay for a good stylist if they can't figure out what the hell looks good on them, but nobody looks perfect ALL of the time.  I bet even Tim Gunn wears sweatpants on occasion or has a bad hair day.  But, he "makes it work!"

OK, I scoured the Internet and could not find a picture of Tim in anything but a suit!

 So, I think they should all take themselves a little less seriously and just follow WendyB's mantra, "wear what you want."  Just take it from Carol Burnett...

Rhett:  "That gown is gorgeous."
Scarlett: "Thanks, I saw it in the window and I just couldn't resist it."


Best Dressed

Being a designer, people ask my opinion about fashion a lot.  I'm happy to give it, though it's only an opinion and you know how the saying goes!  So, what did my taffetadarlings think of the Golden Globes last night?  There were a few disasters which I won't even touch on (why destroy the possibility of a potential future client, right?), but for the most part I thought that Hollywood did okay!

I'll start by awarding "best dressed" to my hostess for the evening, Wendy Brandes.  Wendy greeted me in a black tee shirt, black gym shorts and cozy slippers!  She's never looked better.  LOL... kidding.  It was that kind of evening -- the kind where it's best to stay indoors sipping Champagne, watching the hilarity that is Ricky Gervais in the comfort of your own home on the comfort of your own couch, safe from the wintry chill!!

Ricky should have busted out some of his dance moves last night

Okay, back to the show!  If I were to select a winner from last night's event, it would be Francisco Costa.  Who, some of you might ask?  Shame on you!  His name should be as familiar to you as Giorgio Armani or Marc Jacobs or... Calvin Klein... because he IS Calvin Klein.  Well, not literally, of course, but Mr. Costa has headed up the Calvin Klein Collection since 2003 when Mr. Klein retired.  Costa dressed my number one pick last night, Claire Danes as well as Emma Stone (who never looked better).

Claire Danes

Emma Stone

Olivia Wilde looked stunning, but that was sure a whole lotta dress!  Co-presenter, Robert Pattinson didn't know where to stand when the two were on stage together.  There was just no room for him and the poor chap had to strain his neck to reach the mic.  Under her Marchesa dress (could have been just about anything), Ms. Wilde wore the most fabulous Louboutin stilettos!

Olivia Wilde

My pick for the boys is, well, a BOY.  Jesse Eisenberg looked simply adorable and perfectly put together in Dolce & Gabbana.  Generally, I think the men did well last night... Ryan Gosling in Ferragammo, James Franco (a.k.a. my boyfriend) in Gucci and Robert Downey Jr. broke the mold, as per usual, and wore a grey Prada suit.  Fantastic.  And Michael Douglas was wearing Canali, but who really cares.  He just looked GREAT and healthy.  His opening line about a "standing o" was brilliant!

Jesse Eisenberg

Susan and Robert Downey

One final comment... I do love Tilda Swinton and appreciate that she has her own sense of style.  I would be happy to dress her!  Tilda wore Haider Ackermann before anyone knew who the hell he was.  Last night (in Jil Sander), I thought she looked quite striking, but also bore quite a striking resemblance to David Bowie.  I mean, she was definitely channelling 70's Bowie!

Tilda Swinton and David Bowie... or is it David Bowie and Tilda Swinton?



So, I've been traveling quite a bit lately.  Unfortunately, I'm not physically going anywhere, but fortunately, I'm visiting lots of different places in cyberspace.  A few very fashionable bloggers have either mentioned me or featured me in one of their recent posts.  They've all been kind enough to not only talk about my Fall 2011 Collection, but they've also donated toward the project.  The camaraderie in the blogosphere is inspiring.

Sponsor and author of the blog Fabulous Finds, Elena, dedicated an entire post to me! (click here to read)

Cameron, of Midnight In A Perfect World, not only anted up, but mentioned me more than once -- and in both French and English! (click here and here)

Bon Bon Rose Girls' super mom, Kristin, put her money where her mouth is and she also pitched me in a post.  (click here to read)

Other beautiful bloggers who made contributions include: Jewelry genius Wendy Brandes; IFB founder, Jennine; fellow seamstress, Kristin of K-Line; chic chef, Tina of The Occasional Cook; Fashion savvy Tricia, of Fashion Herald; beauty editor, Candice Sabatini  and generous Elizabeth, retired author of Observation Mode.  They have also been tremendous tweetleaders on my behalf!  Rah Rah.

I also happened upon a tres cool blog called District L which posted a piece to lend their support because there is "nothing chic about being stingy bastards" (to quote them directly)!  LOVE.

And finally, sweet Samantha, author of Fashion: The Life, The Myth, The Legend emailed me to ask if she could do an interview with meOf course!

In closing, I want to say "Thank you" to everyone (bloggers and non-bloggers alike) who is supporting me in any way!  I have just ONE WEEK to go on Kickstarter and only $200 left until I meet my goal.  Pass the word!



I just wanted to pay respects and acknowledge a fashion icon who passed away on Thursday evening (January 6).  Joan Vass was eighty-five years old and the last time I saw her a couple of years ago, she was full of energy and life.

Joan Vass & DVF: October, 2008
Photo: Stacy Lomman

Joan brought casual knitwear to the forefront in the eighties and her comfortable, oversized pieces were modern and chic.  I am proud to say that I worked as design director for the Joan Vass label from 2006-2008, though by that time she had sold her name and had not been directly involved with the brand for many years.  Still, I did my best to uphold her aesthetic and maintain the identity of her product.

me, Richard Mauro, Joan Vass: October, 2008


More Where That Came From...

Why are my pants so bunchy?

I found some more headless photos of myself on Overstock today!  I'm thinking this might be a new career -- NOT!  Well, maybe PART TIME... have a listen...
She could be a part time model.  Or an air hostess in the 60's!

As I mentioned yesterday, these jackets are very cute, but I don't think I mentioned that the skin is New Zealand lamb which is some of the best leather available.  And for only $99!  Steal!  If you're interested, just logon to and search for "Stone Mountain" (the brand).

leather jacket by Stone Mountain

Okay, I'm very happy to promote other brands when I believe in the product so, of course, I have no problem promoting my own label.  Most of you are aware that I'm gearing up for Fall/Winter 2011/12 and I'm currently raising money via to help finance the collection.  Any donation would be greatly appreciated, but mentioning to a friend or co-worker would be just as appreciated.  Click here to read all about it!


I'm A Model!

And you guys thought I was just a designer!  Well, check out this photo!  Yes, taffetadarlings, that's yours truly modeling a leather jacket on!  Okay, okay, so it's not Neiman's, but hey... I'm a model!  My good friend Michael contacted me last month and asked if I would do him a favor and pose for some photos.  "What KIND of photos?" I said.  As it turned out, he had sold several leather jacket styles to Overstock and they require their product (apparel) to be photographed on a person rather than a mannequin or just flat.  I agreed on the condition that he cut off my head.  Wait, that sounds morbid.  Who do I think I am, Mary Queen of Scots?  Hey, WendyB -- you can create a new piece of jewelry based on me!

Stacy in a Stone Mountain jacket featured on

Right Said Fred, you ain't got nothin' me bee-yatch!

So, I had a very professional photo session in the hallway of my friend's office building.  Yeah, that's how I roll!  I'm not sure why I smiled for each photo knowing that my head would be chopped off, but for some reason I felt strange posing sans smile.  I have to say, all of the jackets were very comfortable and cute!  Who couldn't use another black leather jacket?  You can never have enough.  And these trendy styles are only $99 on Overstock.  Bargain, no?  

Check out the page here on Overstock.


Fashion Forward

It's that time again.  Fashion never sleeps and never stops moving forward, changing, evolving and reinventing.  It seems like just yesterday that I was working on my debut collection for Spring 2011 and just when I've started to catch up with things, another season is right around the corner.  For a while now, I had an idea of the direction I wanted to take the new collection, but I haven't fully put it into motion yet.  As you may have guessed, lack of funds are to blame.  All businesses go through growing pains and it takes time to get over that "hump" to enter the land of financial stability.

Spring 2011

Last season, I used a site called Kickstarter as a vehicle to raise money to cover the expenses for my premiere collection.  Fabulously fashionable sponsors (you know who you are!!) came to my support and through their generous donations I was able to pay for fabric, models, hair & make-up, a photographer, videographer, professional lighting and PR.  Holy cow! 

Spring 2011

What a great experience!  For those of you who frequent this blog, you know that I received a fair amount of press and the show was a success.  I'm dying to do it again.  As a new designer on the scene (under my own label), I need to prove my staying power as well as establish my design aesthetic.  In order to do that, I need to show more than one season.  I have a lot more to offer than just pretty evening dresses, though I do love them so!

Spring 2011

Now, I'm back on Kickstarter looking for new sponsors for my Fall 2011 Collection.  Think of it as contributing to a worthy cause -- a fashionable cause.  If I am able to dress the world, we could put the fashion police out of business!  If only! 

Spring 2011

Should you like to make a donation, you can click on the link/icon on the upper right or the link below.
New Kickstarter Project

Have a fashionable day!


Keeping It Simple

New Year's resolutions are overrated.  For me, the entire year is just a bunch of ongoing resolutions anyway (stay in shape, work hard, be good to my fellow man, etc.), so why add even more pressure on top of that with big goals?  Besides, sometimes life happens and many things are beyond our control making it impossible to achieve those goals.  Then, the guilt sets in.  Who needs it?  Not I!  Don't they say that guilt is a useless emotion?

So, last year I went a slightly different route with my "Nouveau Year's Resolutions."  How did I do, you wonder?  Not so hot!  But, for each thing I resolved to do more of, less of, or better at, I can say I made progress in each case.  I certainly made an effort.  I can confidently report that Starbuck's made a lot less money from me in 2010. I stopped cutting my hair and I floss more than before.  I failed miserably at learning French (because I didn't try!).  And the making money thing?  I'm still working on that!

This year, I decided to make it easy on myself.  In fact, that IS my resolution -- be good to myself.  Above all.

Happy New Year!  Make 2011 count.


One Down

Happy Blogiversary to me, Happy Blogiversary to me...  It's officially one year for Taffetadarlings today!  I guess I'm still a newbie compared to some (like WendyB who got me started), but I'm okay with being the new kid on the block.

Thank you all of my taffetadarlings for reading, commenting and supporting me!  I hope to continue to entertain you in 2011.

I've gone through my posts and selected a favorite from each month in case you are home nursing a hangover today and need some reading material!  Enjoy!

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