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STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


Dress S.O.S.

Sometimes, Hervé Léger is just not appropriate.  As a rule, I try never to criticize actresses/musicians/performers potential clients, but as a designer, I think it's okay to offer a little wardrobe advice.  That said.... Ms. Christina Aguilera, if you're out there, I can help you...   


  1. Good one—I'd rather see her in one of your designs.

  2. You know she's going to look back on this in a couple of years and cringe... You could bring out her best sides, I'm sure.

  3. You can save her from herself!

  4. It's time to stage an intervention! Elizabeth, Kirsten and I will hold her, while you instruct a stylist to put her in one of your dresses, and then we'll have Wendy choose some of her jewelry and put it on her. She'll be so grateful, she'll give you a big fat cheque and keep you on retainer!

    Sounds like a plan to me!

  5. Herve Leger, the real person/man/designer,is simply brilliant. Yet another travesty wherein a commercial house takes the name and does dastardly cheap clothes that have the minor resemblance of being tight.

    Not a fan of Max Azria, not a fan of taking designer's names.

  6. I agree, you could help her look fabulous.