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STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


Vest Friends

I had a great day yesterday despite the annoying phone call I had with a so-called customer service individual which resulted in me thanking them for their tremendous lack of help and abruptly slamming down the phone.  Well, it was a cordless so I pressed the END button really hard!  At least I made my pal, jewelry designer, Wendy Brandes laugh!  I was with Ms. Brandes at the time because I went over to her place to drop off her custom "gangsta vest" that I made for her. 

WendyB models in her "gangsta" vest and vintage patchwork clutch

A few months ago, I was wearing this piece out for drinks with the girls and WendyB took a liking to it.  So, she and I paid a visit to the amazing B&J Fabrics and selected some beautiful pinstripe in order to make her a duplicate vest.  I made a muslin first and we had a fitting, then I adjusted the muslin and we had another fitting.  Finally, I drafted the paper pattern and cut into the fabric... no turning back now!  I was quite happy with the results and so was Wendy.  We decided to go out on the town in our matching ensembles (you know, like those annoying husbands and wives that dress alike, or identical twins that don't have their own identity!). 

Stacy Lomman (me) & WendyB in our matching "gangsta vests"

First stop was to visit a very cool and very chic vintage shop on Elizabeth Street in Nolita called FROCK.  Amazing!  Wendy happens to be friendly with owner Evan Ross who treated us like the celebrities and socialites who frequent this little gem of a shop.  But, more on that tomorrow!  Later, my talented designer friend, Tatyana joined the party and the four of us had a nibble and some cocktails at "Delicatessen."  Note: Order the truffle, parmesan fries!!

Evan Ross & WendyB

UPDATE 3-26: I had to show the inside of WendyB's vest... the lining is's hard to see, but it's a stripe twill pattern.  Good choice Wendy!


  1. both look fabulous! love the your talents never end?

  2. I'm ready to start a custom dress next!

  3. I love it! I love matching outfits, too.

    "Order the truffle, parmesan fries!!"

    why would anyone NOT order that?!?!?

  4. What a fantastic vest - and it's couture! You two wear it so well.

  5. You two look very sexay! Love the vest!

  6. you look so good!
    you have a really great blog. maybe we can follow each other? (:

    xx mona

  7. I still have bags from B&J fabrics in my armoir--love that place! And what a lovely vest!!!

  8. Thank you everyone for your comments! I appreciate them all :-)