STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel



I'm just eight short days from the end of my Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for my Spring 2012 "Biohazard" Collection!  On one hand, I'm excited, motivated and energized, while on the other hand, I'm a bit nervous since I'm still $1500 short of my goal.  As most of you know, if I fall short, the plug is pulled on the project and it gets filed under "Unsuccessful."  Let me just say that I do not "do" unsuccessful.  No way.  I'm a Type A personality with an extra gene of determination.  I don't like to lose and I give everything I do 110% effort.  Scared?  Good, I will use any tactic right now to get donations! 

just some of the choices... more where these came from...

So, I'm pulling out the heavy artillery -- I'm offering to auction off a custom piece from new line.  The price on Kickstarter is $2,000 and you can snatch up the last spot by pledging that amount if you want to be absolutely sure to secure a garment.  Or, you can take a shot at bidding for it and try your luck. I've added a new "awards category" on my Kickstarter page starting at $499 for the opening bid!  Any takers?  It's a STEAL!!!  Let the bidding begin...

Of course, if you want to contribute (which I would appreciate beyond belief), you can pledge ANY amount, from $5 upward.  If I can get 100 people to donate $5 each, that is a HUGE help!  200 people -- even better!!  Pass this along to anyone you know who loves fashion!


  1. You are so close! I will tweet and facebook this post right now. xoxo

  2. Hi Stacy, I think blogger ate the comment I left earlier, but I'm excited you're getting so close! I tweeted your post and shared it on FB. Good luck!