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Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Save The Globes!

For all of the fashionistas who tuned in last night to see starlets turn heads in gorgeous gowns, I apologize on behalf of the Golden Globes.  If not for the dynamic comedy duo of Fey & Poehler, the Globes wouldn't have been worth watching. 

Photo: Paul Drinkwater

They stole the show, the fashion was a supporting role at best.  And former SNL castmates, Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig should have been allowed to present every award.  Who cares if Tommy Lee Jones got upset!

found this gem on the hilarious site, Cheezburger

Back to the dresses -- I thought many of the actresses looked pretty, but I didn't see anybody really "going for it."  In a few weeks, nobody will be memorable, but we still remember (whether good or bad) the women who took risks, right?  Who could forget Cher's 1986 Oscar moment?  Nearly three decades later and we're still talking about it!

Cher in Bob Mackie, 1986

So, since I don't have a lot to say about last night's fashion, or lack thereof, I will just share my tweets which were a lot more entertaining!


  1. If you hadn't been here I would have fallen asleep!

  2. So funny. I missed the show but I still remember Cher's 1986 dress.

  3. Agreed. I texted Megan about my disappoint this morning. Although Claire Dane's post baby bod and Emily Blunt's sheer prettiness were lovely to look at.