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King Karl

Baptiste Giabiconi

I'm a sucker for rock stars.  Always have been.  The clothes, the hair, the attitude.  When will I ever grow up?  Well, I came across this clip on YouTube the other day and suddenly, something changed. 
Lagerfeld's muse, Baptiste Giabiconi talks about his debut single

There's no denying the Kaiser's latest boy toy is really easy on the eyes and I haven't seen hair like that since Charlie Sexton (swoon),  but what is this cheese-pop garbage he's calling music? 

Baptiste poses with his guitar.  But, can he actually PLAY it?

Charlie Sexton poses with HIS guitar.  Hell yes, he can play that thing!

Apparently, boyfriend Karl Lagerfeld has been pushing Baptiste Giabiconi into become a recording artist and 50 Cent mixed Baptiste's first single titled, "Showtime."  Karl, we love you, but you should stick to fashion.  You've got a lot on your plate in that arena and we all depend on you to keep Chanel looking chic and Fendi looking fresh.

Baptiste and Karl take a stroll...

Comments or thoughts?  Hot or not?  Can this guy sing or should he just stick to looking purty?


  1. gawdhelpus. I think that sounds as processed and over-produced as anything I hear on a daily basis at the gym.

    That kind of music makes me want to throw myself off a cliff.

    There, I said it.

    I refuse to use that stuff in my classes, and that may be why only people just like me ever bother to show up.

    Trouble is, the masses want that kind of music. It sells like hotcakes, and having the Kaiser backing you can't hurt. Pretty Boy B.G. will do fine whether his music is music or just an unreasonable facsimile thereof.

    * * *

    Rant over.


  2. I'm so hypnotized by the hair and short shorts that I can't concentrate on the music!

  3. Karl looks, uh, a bit fatigued.

    The work!! The grooming!!

    Call 50Cent!!


  4. Seems Baptiste is co-opting Karl's look in that third b/w pic, so if his music career fails, well, at least he can be a Karl impersonator.

    He touches "Moi... Lolita," though, and I'll cut a bitch!

  5. Ugh, style him like a pop star, not Elvis, please! And I'd wager my fat buff tabby cat that he can't play that guitar.