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Feeling Like A Bitch

Well, that title got your attention, huh?  I am, in fact, feeling slightly bitchy today, but that could be due to the fact that it's Monday.  I suppose the lack of water in my building for the last 18 hours hasn't helped my mood either.  At least I had some bottled water in order to make my coffee this morning, otherwise there would be real hell to pay.

Isabel Marant cropped biker pants - $2350
available at NET-A-PORTER.COM

I've always fancied biker/motorcycle jackets.  They represent rebellion, toughness, freedom.  But, to be a real biker bitch you need the pants.  Sometimes, I actually have dreams about clothes/shoes that I want (is that weird?) and lately, I've been dreaming of these babies...

Versace cropped motorcross pants - $2641.70

Anyone can rock a leather jacket with some zippers, but it takes a pretty confident person to pull off (well, pull them on first!) some tight, leather pants with quilted knee patches.  They immediately suggest "attitude."  Attitude I've got (at least today I do), it's the funds and the gams that are lacking!  A girl can dream...


  1. Money...lack of it sucks.

    But you would look amazing in those pants! You have great legs!


  2. Oh good grief...Thank goodness you got your caffeine fix. I hope its fixed ASAP. And those pants are hot hot hot!

  3. There's something funny to me about cropped motorcycle pants. Look out for your ankles!

  4. I want to wear cropped leather pants but I fear I am not truly bad ass - just wannabe. And I'm so sorry to hear about your water situation. That is rough. I lose it 5 minutes after any of my amenities are adversely affected. Be strong!

  5. I doubt seriously your gams are lacking.

    Funds? Well, I can't think of a single person who would blow $2k+ on pants, since coffee is much more important, clearly.

    Maybe you should design and sew your own leather pants!