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Noticeable One

I should begin by saying that I'm a product of the 80's and I'm not ashamed to admit it, in fact, I'm quite proud of it.  The 80's brought us MTV, and back when they used to actually play videos, MTV was great!

Adam Ant (the real one!) in 1980

WendyB (or Adam Ant??) in 2010

WendyB and I started planning our Halloween costumes last November (uh, yeah we are ridiculous) and when she told me her idea of dressing as Adam Ant, I felt comfortable enough to let her in on my secret desire to dress as Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons for years.  I never had the guts to prance around in a plastic bra and then, Lady Gaga happened.  Since Gaga practically stole Dale's look initially (though the Lady certainly has had some wild wardrobe ideas of her own), I didn't think anyone would pin me as Ms. Bozzio anymore.  I was sure that if I attempted a Dale outfit, I would be mistaken for Lady G. and would be lost in a sea of  hundreds of other Gaga costumes.  So, I switched gears (but not decades!) and came up with Siouxsie Sioux as an alternative.

Siouxsie Sioux

UPDATE: This photo just in! Thanks to beautiful, blonde, bombshell blogger, Tina (of the Occasional Cook).  You can even see my "feather lashes."

Julie (Marie Antoinette), Me (Siouxsie), WendyB (Adam Ant), Tina (blonde bombshell)
We were an 80's power couple!  Wendy was such a convincing Adam Ant, I wasn't sure I trusted myself to be alone with her.  Kidding!  I kid, people, I jest.  But seriously, her outfit and make-up were dead on... perfect!  I, on the other hand, wasn't quite so perfect.  After two hours of fussing with my eyes, lips and hair, I pretty much looked like a punk rock Cleopatra.  I'm not saying that's such a bad thing, but it seemed like a little too much effort to fall short of my goal.  Anyway, it was still a fun Halloween so I can't complain.  Maybe next year I'll just go for it and rock a blonde wig with a shock of pink and blue, some silver spandex and a plastic bra...

Dale Bozzio is most definitely a "Noticeable One"


  1. Your eye makeup is amazing. Even though the photo isn't perfectly clear, it's still observable.

  2. For next year, I'm thinking Janis Joplin for me.

    I still vote for Dale Bozzio for you. You have to do her!

    I was very impressed by your eyebrows that night.

  3. Well, Siouxsie was a punk rock Cleopatra in that photo, so no worries madame. You and Wendy looked great this Halloween.

    And since it's November, what are you two planning for Halloween '11? :P

  4. I'm still sighing over Pierre Cardin all over your dress.

  5. Amazing eyes! You and Wendy look terrific!

    It's never too early to plan for Hallowe'en. I used to start right after Christmas. Of course, once Nick was born, I used to sew (yes, me) his costumes every year, and so didn't spend much effort on mine.

    Have fun planning 2011!


  6. Too bad you didn't go for the Bozzio look, but I understand your reasoning. No costume that has to be explained is any fun, is it?

    Your Siouxsie was great. :D

  7. You should have mentioned the Adam Ant jacket you painted for me in about 1984!!!!!!!!!! It was the Prince Charming cover...remember? "Stick pins" were in, I recall....and I had that crown pin to compliment the regal look.

  8. seriously....i just discovered your blog and this post....LOVE!!!!!! and your costumes were LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME, FUR SHURE. i <3 the 80's. proud product as well. Good Job REPRESENTING!!

  9. AMAZING!! May I ask, where one acquires such a beautiful Adam Ant-style coat?