STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


Guessing Game

We haven't played in a while my taffetadarlings!  I pulled out some more pictures from my archives and thought I would see if anyone can guess this (relatively) obscure designer.  Jeffrey, from Fashion By The Rules, is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to designers, so my money is on him!  He keeps a running list of what he calls "Designers Who Have All But Been Forgotten," which he updates frequently.  It just might serve as a little cheat sheet!

Hint:  This young, promising designer led a new generation of talent during the 80's, but was taken from us (and fashion) too soon.


  1. OK, I'll go out on a limb. Was it Perry Ellis? My other thought was Willi Smith - but this seems a little subdued for him, yes? (Note, I'm just trying to remember the 80s - so I could be so off the mark.)

  2. That's two votes for Willi! Alas, it is not him. Nor is it Perry :) But, both are very good guesses. Not obscure enough though...
    Dig deeper darlings!

  3. Oh no ... this isn't signature though.

    Gianni Versace wasn't young, Patrick Kelly was simply not doing creams and camel, Stephen Sprouse did though, Carmelo Pomodoro was too indie to be leading and young??

  4. I can't guess! Doesn't look like anything I have in my closet!

  5. I'm late to this game! I wouldn't have been able to guess.