STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


Is There A Silver Lining?

My Fall Collection is causing friction.  Immediately after my show, two of my friends ran back stage to try on the silver motorcycle jacket  -- the first look down the runway.  Jewelry designer and blogger, WendyB, has been a faithful client of mine for a while now, so I certainly have to get her a jacket of her own.  Beauty editor and good friend, Candice Sabatini jokingly said to Wendy, "We'll have to fight for it."  I'm thrilled at the response this little sample stirred up just minutes after it appeared on the catwalk, but I don't want anyone to get hurt!

Left: Wendy Brandes poses in my silver jacket
Right: Candice Sabatini in the silver sample
Photos: Randy Brooke

Several days later, I began putting my lookbook together and thought what a great piece it would be to get into Barney's!  I'm aiming high my taffetadarlings!  Why not?  I love all of my "babies" from my fall line, but I do think this one has a wide range of appeal.  Perhaps it's the "dress me up, dress me down" aspect of the design, perhaps it's the shape, or the fabric. Or maybe it's just simply, cool!

Model: Polina Mawuli
Photos: Randy Brooke

Last Friday I participated in a charity fashion show (more on that later) for the tsunami victims in Japan.  There were other designers showing as well, including two menswear designers, therefore, there were male models present.  Bonus!  Anyway, I became friendly with a few of them and one in particular, Justin Rinehart, was quite taken with.... the silver jacket!  "I'm obsessed with this jacket," he said.  "It's very McQueen," he added.  Okay, I don't know if that's total BS, but I loved him for saying it! 

Model: Polina Muwali
Photos: Randy Brooke

So now, I've got three people fighting over one jacket and one of them happens to be a guy!  Looks like I'll just have to do a production run on this piece, doesn't it?  Maybe you guys will actually see this in Barney's someday soon.  Here's hoping!!


  1. I totally see this piece in Barneys. After I get mine, of course.

  2. S: Will you make it available to us through your blog, by any chance?

  3. I see this piece everywhere, but Barney's would be great!

    You have a silver streak!


  4. The jacket is stunning; I'd fight for it too!

  5. Um, I think you forgot ME! I want it too, even if I'm waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy out here on the West Coast!

  6. Love the bonnet too!
    Cheers from Spain.