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McQueen For A Princess: Sarah Burton Steps Up

Trumpets, crumpets, pomp and circumstance.  Finally... the dress revealed.  For the first time in a long time, my gut instinct was correct.  Princess Catherine chose to wear McQueen. 

Photo: Getty via Daily Telegraph

Sarah Burton took over as creative director last May, shortly after the great designer, Alexander McQueen, hanged himself.  Burton was under a tremendous amount of pressure and millions of eyes across the world were on Kate... and her dress.  Burton delivered.  The dress was appropriate and quite suitable for a princess; lace covered up Kate's sinewy arms and athletic shoulders.  Her pretty and naturally made-up face was visible through the sheerest of sheer veils, a perfectly fitted bodice whittled down her already slender waist and the back detail was marvelously folded and draped without becoming too heavy.  Well done Ms. Burton.  And well done Ms. Middleton -- pardon me, I meant, Princess Catherine.


  1. There will never be another with Alexander's mad beauty and ability to work it at Haute Couture. Even John did not do that. It would be so appropriate to have a new house for Sarah Burton. She's so lovely too. That dressmaker moment where she swept to the train to straighten it, no one but she would have noticed.

    I love fairy tales so much and the very refined Kate seems able to make the hordes of press disappear.

  2. I agree. Alexander was quite unique. It is still so strange and surreal to think that he is gone. So young.

  3. ^^I did too! She looked superb.

  4. i think Sarah Burton was a clever choice to McQueen. The dress was exquisite :)