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Kim Cattrall Is My Kinda Gal

One of the questions I'm asked fairly often as a designer is, "Who do you see wearing your clothes -- who is the Stacy Lomman woman?"  I never really liked that question.  It doesn't have a simple answer.  Usually I just say something canned like, "Well, my girl isn't defined by age, race or profession.  She is a woman who is confident in her own skin and who likes to look sexy, yet refined."  Sometimes, I'll add that she must (obviously) have good taste!  Unfortunately, that answer never goes over very well -- everybody is looking for a name.  They want to put a face/body/image to my label.  Fine.  Okay then, it's got to be Kim Cattrall.

Kim Cattrall (photo source unknown)
Let's face it, with a body like that she can wear anything and look good!

Most people know her best for her role as the uber sexy Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, but well before she teamed up with SJP and the girls Cattrall had many many film credits under her belt.  That's not to say I didn't completely worship love her character on SATC, but Kim is quite a diverse and talented actress -- from Porky's and Police Academy to Mamet and Chekov (I'll forgive her for Mannequin!).  She is stunningly gorgeous, elegant and smart.  Kim has always represented strength and self-assuredness to me.  Now THAT is the Stacy Lomman woman.


  1. I LOVE your honesty! As I type, I'm watching Ms. C on SATC 2 and I have to say, she looks amazing. But this movie sucks.

  2. Ha! She is hot and smart. Lethal ...

    Just saw Ellen Barkin on your happy birthday.

    She is beyond all of them.

  3. She makes bold choices, and is a really interesting "ideal."

  4. It's nice of you to forgive her for Mannequin!

  5. my god, does she look amazing in that photo or what?