STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel



For some reason, we like to label everything in this country (well, I suppose it's not just the U.S. who is guilty).  Whether it's a clothing label, a demographic or a profession, we need to categorize, define and pigeonhole.  So, when people get confused as to why I cover and report on industry events and happenings other than my own and wonder, "Are you a designer or a writer?"  I say, "Why can't I be BOTH?"  Clearly, I'm a designer first and foremost, but I have (and always had) other interests and other talents.  In fact, creative people are generally, well... creative.  And that means that we have the ability to cross over into other areas such as writing, design, fine arts, music (not in my case!) -- anything visual or "right brain."  Though words and language are basically considered "left brain" functions, there is a fair amount creativity involved in writing -- at least when it's something other than a text book or scientific and mathematical documentations.

I've been covering shows, events and lectures for the Lookonline for nearly four years now, when I can squeeze it into my schedule.  If you're not familiar with this informative fashion site, you should check it out.  Publisher, Ernest Schmatolla, had been a runway and fashion photographer for several years before launching the site back in 1994, making it the FIRST online fashion publication -- well before some of today's most famous bloggers could even walk!  One of my earliest pieces for Lookonline was my review of Marc Jacobs' Spring 2009 show.  When I got home from the show and sat down to lay out my thoughts, I remember feeling a tremendous amount of pressure and suffering from writer's block!  Thankfully, it passed (rather quickly) because during Fashion Week, the show reviews need to be posted ASAP.  

(me) with David Byrne (Talking Heads) at this year's Night of Stars

I've met and interviewed some fascinating people like, exhibition designer, Charles Froom and I've also been lucky enough to attend and write about special events like the Night of Stars gala and the premiere of Ralph Rucci's film, "Ralph Rucci: A Designer and His House."  Last week, I went to the preview of Kenneth Cole's new collection -- click here to read.  So, all of you fashion lovers out there who want to be "in the know" and up-to-date on industry events and news, Lookonline is a great source... click here to subscribe!


  1. Yeah, why can't we do all the creative things we want to do without people giving us the side-eye?

  2. I enjoyed the Cole review and just clicked through to read the Jacobs review. Nice work!