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STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


More Than Skeletons In Your Closet

Let's admit that we all have a skeleton or thirty in our closets, but what else is in there?  Is your closet a cluttered mess?  Or maybe an organized chamber housing items that have barely, if ever, been worn?  Well, whether you're tidy or messy, you can still find new ways to wear your clothes through some smart mixing and matching.
When I'm not working on my collection, I've been squeezing in some "closet consulting" for some very fun and very eager clients.  I assume that all of you reading this blog/post are familiar with beautiful jewelry designer/blogger Wendy Brandes, since you probably found me through her  blog.  Wendy has been a great supporter of my collections (she's practically my muse!) and she's evolved into a "wardrobe therapy" client as well.  In fact, she has been so happy with what we have accomplished with her closet that she has been blogging about it, as she does with all of the fun events in her life!
Wendy heading off to a meeting wearing a top she nearly threw out
and a pencil skirt from her corporate days
It's true that Wendy has an amazing wardrobe and really great taste, but it's been a struggle for her to figure out how to pair certain things together so they work as outfits.  Because of this, so many cool pieces remain tucked away in a drawer or collecting dust on a hanger. What I've been able to do for Wendy and other people, is work with what they already have and show them how to revive their wardrobe by pairing pieces together they wouldn't have thought to mix.  I explain how proportion is important, what works together in terms of fabrics and textures, and I show my clients how to incorporate more color.  Wendy learned, much to her chagrin, that not everything works with a black top!  LOL. But, she is excited to rotate some fresh pieces into the mix and she's not only embracing  her "new" outfits, she's owning them!
I'll be posting more and more about my second career, but in the meantime if you need me please get in touch with me through Cross It Off Your List!


  1. Still laughing about how you kept asking me "And what have you worn this with?" and my answer was "jeans" or "black t-shirt" for everything! So over that!

  2. I love Wendy in colour so bravo Stacy! Does Cross it off work in Long Island? (I know the Hamptons are in LI, but they're a different world). Would love to hire you!

    Christine xo

  3. I can imagine the jeans and black t-shirt response! It was my and still remains my favourite part of being a stylist looking at clothes with fresh eye. I always re-jig my closet.
    And I love how you identify proportions - I'm always teaching students about proportions but they never listen as they are obsessed with body shape!

  4. This is an awesome second career because it makes use of all of your first career skills - and it helps people! I think Wendy's looking even more fabulous than usual :-)

  5. I agree with K-Line. This seems like a natural new direction for you Stacy.