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Copy Cat!

I just couldn't resist this adorable photo of my 1 1/2 year old nephew, Adam, and then it hit me -- acorns!  No, not an actual acorn (although that has happened more than once and I always feel like such an idiot -- I look around wondering, "Did anyone see that?").  Darling WendyB blogged about her wee darling nephew, Sebastian, a few days ago and mentioned his obsession fascination with acorns.  I guess little kids love acorns.  And sticks.  And holes to put the sticks in and pretty much anything on the ground.  So, since I have nothing inspiring to blog about today, I thought I would copy WendyB (everyone else does!)

Adam and his acorns.  Amore!


  1. Total cutie pie - and I'm copying myself since I said the same thing to her about her adorable nephew! :-)

  2. How cute! I have a little nephew named Adam, too!

  3. Hmmm. Very cute ... I have the 17 yr old version.

  4. I have the 6 yr old version! Cute blog!