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Are you guilty?  Have you ever regifted?  When is it okay and when is it not... or is it never okay?  I'm sure we've all gotten our share of strange or cheeseball gifts that we have no use (or desire) for, so what's the harm if you stick a bow on it and pass it along to some semi-friendly coworker or to your neighbor or perhaps your postal carrier?

What's the worst gift you've ever received?  I've gotten plenty of bombs, but I think quite possibly the worst was a coffee maker.  Sure, it was a top-of-the-line DeLonghi ranked the best on the market, but being that it was from my boyfriend (at the time) and he had just gone shopping with me a week prior and witnessed me purchase a new coffee maker, it struck me as unbelievably thoughtless.  Sure, he had gotten me some great things in the past and he actually thought he was giving me something fantastic (guys can be so dumb), but after five years together I was hoping for more than a damn coffee maker.  Needless to say, we broke up a few months later!

Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop

vintage Barbie shoes (on Ebay)

The best gift?  It's hard to say.  I've been lucky enough to have a lot of wonderful people in my life who consistently do nice things for me (and get me nice things too).  I tend to remember gifts from my childhood more so than recent years.  There is just such a thrill attached to the holidays when you're little.  I'll never forget opening my Dusty Gymnastic Set or shredding paper to reveal an Ernie & Bert radio and Play-Doh's Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop.  And Barbies!  The Barbie car, Barbie clothes and those tiny little spiked shoes!  Barbie is the reason I'm a designer today (thanks Barbie, holla!).  My sister and I were just not satisfied with what was offered in terms of Barbie's wardrobe and we started making our own little creations.  Teeny weeny little toiles, I suppose.  When I was very young (about 4) my parents and grandparents built me the most insanely detailed dollhouse complete with 70's wallpaper and handmade furniture.  The best dollhouse ever!  Best gift ever.
me and my dollhouse


  1. I love the doll house! What's the worst gift? I'm sure I've blocked it out of my mind. Nothing stands out. But my vote is always on the "best gift" still to come :-

  2. The best thing was switching to Toys For Tots ... the first year we all did it felt so good we did it again.

    That is the cutest picture of you and your dollhouse.

  3. Worst gift was from my college boyfriend for my birthday/Xmas...a stuffed pig and a pair of mink earmuffs.

  4. So cute! We're giving our daughter a dollhouse this year, hopefully it will be a winner too!