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STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


A Day At The Beach

I've only managed to get to the beach one time this summer and I accidentally forgot my suit bottom (don't ask!), so on the first day I had to wear my bikini top and running shorts.  Not a good look.  Eventually, I did find one of those surf shops where you can buy tops and bottoms separately and I picked up a new bottom.  So, I'm hoping to plan another beach day and if I do, I have already picked out my perfect beach outfit.

a photo I snapped at Melbourne Beach, FL

Unless I'm swimming laps in my Speedo or TYR, I usually opt for a bikini, but there is something so refreshingly chic about this strapless one piece stripe bathing suit from KIWI Saint Tropez.

cobalt and white stripe strapless one piece: 68 Euro

A suit like this requires a fabulous shoe -- not a flip-flop.  I would pick up the cobalt color with these summery Burberry Prorsum woven raffia and printed wedge pumps.  Plus, the heel height is a leg lengthener!  Bonus.

Burberry pumps

Of course, no beach look is complete without a pair of shades.  I'm in love with these fabulous rectangular retro specs by Karen Walker.  And yes, I would wear them with the alien headband accessory.  I mean, you gotta ask yourself, "What would Steve Martin do?"

"Cabbie" Sunglasses, Karen Walker

Finally, I would top the outfit off with a huge floppy hat by Scala -- not because I want to shield my face from the sun, but because I want to feel like Sophia Loren!  My fashionable mother actually bought me a slightly less gigantic version of this hat and I love it!  Thanks mom!  The thin wire they've cleverly encased along the edge of the brim makes it easy to shape and adjust the hat however you like.  Okay, I'm all set.  Now I just need a beach.

gorgeous Sophia Loren
Scala oversized hat, $45


  1. I want to see you wearing an alien headband when we go to Coney Island, which we really have to do. Just don't let me stare at the long list of subway stops.

  2. I want to see a photo of you wearing that hat!