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my mom

Of course, my post today is dedicated to my mom. She is beautiful, loving, bright and confident. My mom is strong. At 5’2” and 100 lbs. dripping wet, she may not look like it, but she is tough as nails. My mom taught me a lot and I owe her so much. Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mom, Suzette and to all the incredible mothers out there!

Suzette looking cute in nautical stripes, 1964

stylish in cut-off jeans and loafers

my mom with my sister and my fat ass in the 70's

mom in pigtails and a madras bikini with my brother in a saggy diaper

mom in the 80's (pretty obvious!)

mom & dad, 2008


  1. this makes me want to go look at old family pictures...what a stylish woman! you are brave to post the brother in saggy diapers...i've got one to use as leverage...although i know if i ever posted brother would send hit men...ok...maybe not...but close to it... enjoy your day!

  2. Fantastic post. Cheers to your Mom!!!

  3. She's chic! And your brother is gonna get you for that saggy diaper photo.

  4. What a lovely woman! And anyone who can look that good in the 80s is obvs fantastically chic.