STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


Don't Fight The White

Yes, it's definitely summer in the city!  I'm continuing to wear WHITE and I will continue this ritual until it cools off a bit or until I have to hit the dry cleaners... whichever comes first!  Probably the dry cleaners considering that I'm a self-proclaimed klutz and will inevitably spill something on myself soon enough!

Billy Idol is "Hot in the City" on Solid Gold, 1982
(he may be hot, but he's still wearing leather!)

Until then, I thought I would share some more of my white hot picks for "Stacy's Style List."  I ventured into Sportmax the other day and after I got past the sweaters and furs (yes, I said FUR), I found the spring merchandise.  I tried on a few things and was quite taken with this casual jumpsuit...
Jumpsuit and Belt: Sportmax
Shoes: Charles Amar

Second on my list today is my Laila Azhar dress that fetches me compliments every time I wear this little number.

Dress: Laila Azhar
Bag: Francesco Biasia
Shoes: Via Spiga
Leather Chain Link Bracelet: Pollini
Translucent Ring: Dome
Earrings: From 1988!

And finally, I adore this dress from ALLSAINTS which I saw yesterday in their new SoHo store (Bloomingdales started to carry the label in late 2009).  I'm so glad they are available in the States now and I don't have to trek over to London to buy their edgy-elegant merchandise.  Hmmm, now I need to come up with another excuse to go to London!

ALLSAINTS "Aemilla" dress in washed cotton, $240

Last but not least, my white nails...

polish by Brucci
lemon from fruit stand on the corner :-)


  1. I fucking love Billy and that song. Especially when he says "NEW YORK!" I saw him a couple of years ago at the Beacon and people were dying over that. Other things I love: Steve Stevens, that jumpsuit on you, that dress on you, that All Saints dress, and your nails.

  2. Oh, you look great in the jump suit! And the nails are so New York fabulous. I see them holding a martini on a rooftop at dusk. With a little plate of marinated olives and smoked almonds nearby. And a great looking guy. Who has an excellent body he's kind of showing off inappropriately (but not too much so). Um, I think I've veered here...

  3. love the white nails! and the jumpsuit...please tell me you got it...
    you look fabulous in laila azhar..enjoy your weekend!

  4. I think that jumpsuit is taken with you! It's superb! The little white dress is cute . . . I love that black detail.

    Enjoy white and the warm weather.

  5. LOVE the white dress on you in front of flowers ... live in white quasi-Victorian petticoat skirts and camis in the summer, ruthlessly set the washer to hand wash and hang to dry. The Laila dress is so femme perfect charming.