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STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


"Drape Suzette"

After a  weekend of hard work, I thought I would revisit my taffeta darlings!  Miss me?  As you know, I'm working feverishly and diligently on putting together the Spring 2011 Collection.  Like any designer, I'm quite attached to my pieces or, my "babies."  In fact, since all of my "babies" have actually been "adopted," I'm that much more connected.  It's become very personal as the dresses are each named after their sponsor.  I'm so engrossed, that all of my conversations go something like this:

  • "I'm just sewing Anna right now, but then I really need to start cutting Elizabeth."
or this...
  • "I need to go buy lining for Melissa and stop to pick up zippers for Jocelyn and Emilia. Do you want to meet for a coffee afterward?"
But, I think my favorite so far has to be...
  • "I must drape Suzette.  I have to meet with the Italian trim company, but I need to have Suzette's muslin ready first so I can bring it with me for placement purposes."
OK, I know most people on the planet earth would not follow or comprehend that sentence, but that's not the point here.  DRAPE SUZETTE!!  I had to stop and laugh.  I had to marvel at my little (unintentional) pun.  Then, I had to annoy my pal Wendy Brandes with my pun...of which I was so proud.  Wendy offered a mild chortle and rolled her eyes.  "Come on!" I said.  It's hilarious... "drape Suzette... aren't you hungry now?"

I suppose I was just a bit punchy, giddy, sleep deprived or whatever, but I was amused.  I know Wendy was too!   Whether or not she admits it, she has (at least on occasion) laughed at my adolescent humor.  I'm reminded of a certain dinner when Wendy told me that her friend had written a book on anorexia.  "Was it a very thin book?" I asked.  If I recall correctly, there was Prosecco shooting out of nostrils!  OMG! 
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  1. I'm totally LOL right now. No Prosecco, unfortunately.

  2. Haw haw! I'm hungry and yet . . . .

    Thanks for the Pun-O-Rama!

  3. No Prosecco, but my coffee almost didn't go down my throat.

    Very funny.


  4. You are hilarious on all accounts Stacy - whether sleep deprived or no!