STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel



I'm very excited to report that I'm making progress with my Spring 2011 Collection!  While I've been trying to work miracles with the physical work (designing, sewing, planning, etc.), friends, and even people I've never met before, have been rallying behind me working the financial side of things.  I'm so full of gratitude.

meet Gwendolyn P. -- she just joined the family!

One really helpful piece of this puzzle is  Kickstarter is a fantastic website that helps all kinds of budding businesses to get off the ground.  I applied to the site last week and found out on Saturday that I was approved!  Yeah!  Here is the link...

I've already gotten a few major sponsors for my dresses and I hope to get more.  Please pass this on to all of your friends and family... no contribution is too little.  Thanks everyone!  I will keep you all posted as I go through this life changing (hopefully) event...


  1. I'm going to try Kickstarter soon!

  2. Lifting this for a blog entry, you keep on doing this. There were people who financed collections on an AX card; I do believe the amazingly wonderous Loree Rodkin financed her first that way and I think Marion Greenberg once whipped hers out to help Zoran (Malo? heard the story so many ways). Keep on, just keep on.


  4. I signed up with Kickstarter last night, and it was easy and fast!

    Congratulations on finding another sponsor in Gwendolyn P.! This is a beautiful dress!

  5. This whole collection looks stunning! I can't wait to see your designs as they come to life. They're so beautiful.

  6. Great site! I'm signing up now.

  7. It's gonna happen...I can feel it!

  8. Great design,Would be awesome to see them come alive!!!!

  9. Oh wow, thanks so much for sharing. I found you through the BonBon Rose girls blog. Your illustrations are fabulous, going to poke around your blog some more now :)

    I design and sew too!

    Have a great day,

  10. Found you through BonBon Rose Girls. Your illustrations are great!