STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


From the Archives...

Remember this magazine?  I pulled this from my personal archives to share.  Classic Chanel suit... worked in the 20's, the 40's, the 60's, the 80's (as seen in photo) and today!  Kudos Coco (and Karl)!

cover of "Taxi" magazine, November 1986


  1. classic chanel...what could be better? that and classic black & white...perfection!

  2. That is one investment piece that is MORE than worth the investment!

  3. Was this shot by Karl?

    It's nice to see some original classic Chanel and not some of the copies shown at Moschino to name one.

  4. I dream of one day owning a Chanel jacket. Just so classic and timeless. I would wear it so much that it will probably cost $5/per wear.

  5. My bangs would never do that. Wonder if it's her real hair...Also, the taxi in the pocket? I would have liked to have seen it on a gold chain, Run DMC style.

  6. I have those bangs, that necklace, gloves and a Chanel jacket--all I need is a taxi.

  7. Elena - total perfection!

    Kristin - I agree. And houndstooth... very classic.

    AX - good point... not sure if Karl did the photo shoot, but a good possibility.

    Wendy - if I were a librarian, I would wear Chanel!

    Jen - I love how you rationalize things. $5 per wear is CHEAP!

    Tina - I'm thinking her hair is super thick. LOL re. Run DMC!

    Ms. Rouge - I know... the little taxi cab is a bit forced!

  8. I loved Taxi! And is that Renee Simonsen? She was my idol in 1983--even had a poster of her in my university room, which freaked out my male peers.