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Get Some Courrèges

Continuing my theme from the other day, Fashion Repeats, I thought I would head back to the 60's -- not on some psychedelic acid trip or anything, but back to the fashion archives. Fashion trends usually repeat every 25 years or so, which is why we have seen the resurgence of the 1980's over the past few seasons. Since I'm a child of this decade, I don't find what I see in magazines, stores and on the runways lately to be as tragic as others do!

 a very modern looking Courrèges leather jacket from the 1960's

Claude Montana, circa 1988 (left) & Balenciaga, Spring 2010 (right)

Considering the cyclical tendencies of fashion tends, it is also logical that I find the styles of the 1960's to be visually appealing. I've always been drawn to strong shapes and geometric styling and this has manifested into my personal design aesthetic. As a young, budding designer, I was not only influenced by the innovators of the 1980's (i.e. Montana, Mugler, Ferré), but also of the 1960's.

Some of my favorite 1960's fashions are the creations of André Courrèges. Courrèges was a French designer known for his ultra-modern style. Born March 9, 1923 in the Pyrenees, Courrèges traveled to Paris at age 25 and worked briefly at a fashion design house (Geanne Lafaurie) before going to work with Spanish designer, Cristobal Balenciaga.

Courrèges, 1965 (Left)
(Right) Me in 1988 in my pathetic attempt to make a similar jacket style (I didn't even know how to sew back then!)  I'm subjecting myself to this embarrassing photo for the good of this post!

Courrèges eventually started his own collection, introducing space-age clothes. His designs were angular and he used shapes such as the square, trapezoid and triangle to create strong, futuristic and minimalistic pieces. The designer said that he built his dresses rather than designed them. Bright colors, plastic materials, synthetic fabrics and bold black and white patterns were rigidly constructed into unique styles that became Andre’s signature look.

Courrèges collage


  1. My vintage friends say Courreges is a hard sell. I love that leather jacket though...much better than the shiny vinyl. I would get that jacket!

  2. That last photo looks like a dance at a Star Trek convention.

  3. i cannot believe that is you!
    i have to say...i'm loving that leather jacket...i could see it working in my wardrobe just perfectly...

  4. That outfit you're in would work today. But the hair...the HAIR....oh no.

    Did you love the Fall 2010 show today? The pricey pieces I saved from the late 80's/early 90's can be worn again if worn a little differently. I'm glad I buy well made clothing, it lasts!
    So if it's from your own collection, is it vintage?
    If I tell people I found it in a vintage store rather than the back of my closet will I seem cooler????

    And what about the 60's pieces I bought in vintage stores in the 90's? Double vintage?

  5. Mmm, I love seeing the vintage references come back into style :-)