STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


Tease Two

OK my taffetadarlings, here is a peek at another new piece!
Somewhere on the Upper East Side, a jacket starts to take shape...

Double Face Wool

Sleeve Cap Detail


  1. That is so beautiful! It looks like leather on my screen. I see how you are draping the individual pieces, one at a time. Part of my dilemma, in understanding draping, was that I though you put the whole thing of fabric on at once and just started using scissors. I'm beginning to see how it might work :-)

  2. the second pic looks like leather...i love seeing the process so early on...who gets your designs when they are complete?

  3. This is wonderful, seeing your jacket emerge this way.