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STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


White Lies

Yves Saint Laurent, Resort 2010

Spring is officially underway and people are anxious to shed their winter layers and break out the shorts and flip flops.  But, what about the "rules of fashion" and do they really apply?  Are we actually supposed to wait until Memorial Day until it's safe to wear white or open-toe shoes? 

Akris (left) & Celine (right), both Spring 2010

I've never been one to play by the rules and I am not a follower.  In fashion, it is okay to be an individual and "wear what you want," as my friend WendyB would say.  As long as an outfit is fabric appropriate and stylistically tasteful, I say it's perfectly fine to wear white.  I wouldn't recommend sporting a little white sundress and sandals just yet, but the looks in today's post would certainly be acceptable.  And jeans and a plain, white tee... seasonless.  You can never go wrong.

Jil Sander (left) & Michael Kors (right), both Spring 2010

Photo Credits: Firstview


  1. wendyb & you are SO right...i also have never been much of a rule follower... =)

  2. Totally agree. I'm seeing so many adorable white dresses. I think the only rule should be proper fit if you're wearing white. Otherwise, I love the look.

  3. Definitely a bit early for a white sundress (though tomorrow it's supposed to be 89 degrees!) but a cute white top or white jeans seem perfectly appropriate.

  4. So is it okay if I get out my wedding dress and wear it next time we go out? It's white!

  5. I wear my white jeans all year long!

  6. Agreed the whole white rules is just silly - white can and should be worn year round! I love that Michael Kors suit you featured.