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Peter Cottontail

my bunny Miles (Netherland Dwarf)
May 1999 - May 2008

Happy Easter!  I had a busy holiday weekend, so I just have time for a quick post today.  I know this is not design or fashion related, but I did say in the beginning that this blog discusses whatever I find interesting at any given time. Therefore, I'm going to mention animal welfare and animal rescue, both of which I support and believe in wholeheartedly.

little "Miss Miles" (I thought she was a boy when I first got her and never bothered to change her name!)

Since it is Easter and I am a bunny person, I wanted to remember my dear little pet "Miles" who passed away nearly two years ago at the ripe old age of nine.  What is that in bunny years anyway?  I ADORED my little pipsqueak more than anything and spoiled her rotten.  I miss her everyday :-(

she was trained so well - she could jump for her treats!

Many people feel that Easter is an appropriate time to purchase little fluffy chicks or baby bunnies for their little ones, but they don't take the time to research and understand that these animals require just as much love, attention and care as a dog or cat.  A lot of times, children are excited and fascinated with their new pets for a few days and quickly become bored and ignore the animals, or even worse, neglect them.

Miles lounging in one of her beds

Miles lounging in my bed!

As if animal cruelty isn't rampant enough, every year around this time an overwhelming number Easter "bunnies" are abandoned or harmed.  If you know anybody who is considering buying a rabbit as a gift, please let them know about this and maybe they will reconsider -- unless of course, they are rescuing a poor little fluff ball.

I didn't get her as a gift... I just did really annoying things to her which she tolerated (against her will!)

Sorry to get all "preachy," this is just something near and dear to my heart.

my sweetie

UPDATE: WendyB kindly sent me this article from the Wall St. Journal.  Thanks Wendy!!


  1. I think 9 in bunny years is 90 in human years. (I almost wrote "ears.")

    I used to approve of Miles but now that I learned she didn't defend you from intruders, I'm not so sure. I am saddened that she was not a killer rabbit.

  2. I remember Miles fondly. I remember you complaining about some bunny antics and then feeling so guilty about complaining that you practically smothered that poor bunny with kisses- smothered in a good way.

  3. What a gorgeous bunny. I'm sure you miss her lots. When I was at boarding school, one of my friends kept a pet rabbit(in an outdoor pen) - sounds cruel (might well have been but it was Britain in the 80s). She loved that bunny and played with her every day. Still, I felt it was not so nice to keep your pet in a cage most of the time.

  4. awww...what a cutie! i used to have a bunny as a pet growing up...they are so fun...but yes...a lot of parents sat me down before i got her...and made sure i was "aware" of what having a bunny entailed...

  5. miles was such a cutie!!!

    there was a story on npr (i think? my brain is shot) about how many crackdowns are taking place on shady parts of town that sell bunnies at easter. people really need to COMMIT when they buy a pet. it is not a toy and it cannot be abandoned or thrown away!

    clearly i am a pet lover! BIG TIME! :)

  6. My daughter is desperate for a bunny, but with a 110 lb. golden retriever, I just can't imagine what life would be like. Sorry, Liv :-(

  7. Great post, I agree with every point you make. This doesn't just apply to bunnies, but all animals. I never understand how people can be so careless about other living creatures. A pet is like a child people!