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Creepy Cool

Radiohead - "CREEP"

Back in January, I posted about a fabulous pair of Rupert Sanderson pony skin, platform “creepers.” I wasn’t able to purchase these beauties because they were sold out. So, I have to settle for my less elegant, old school creepers.

wearing my white "creepers"

The Creepers -- rockabilly band from Australia

I only wear these babies every once in a while because they are the type of shoe you can’t wear every day – people remember them. With the exception of my singer/songwriter bud Jensen, none of my friends appreciate the rockabilly and punk rock vibe they suggest.

Stray Cats, Brian Setzer rocks out in his creepers

"creepy" Jerry Lee Lewis

Rockabilly music is a mixture of rock ‘n’ roll, country, R&B, swing and boogie woogie. The music style emerged in the early 1950’s making its mark with lots of bass, energy, pompadour hairdo’s, bolo ties (check out WendyB’s post on these!) and brothel creepers (as they are technically known).

The Clash - Mick Jones (second from left) in his black creepers

Sex Pistols (pre Sid) - Steve Jones in red creepers

In the 1970’s, Malcolm McLaren (who was Vivienne Westwood’s partner at the time) sold creepers at his shop in London and the shoe was popular among punk, new wave and ska bands. Typically, they were worn with stovepipe pants and white T’s, but some fans of rockabilly (known as Teddy Boys) also wore them with Edwardian style jackets.

jacket - Belstaff
tee - DSquared
jeans - Guess
shoes - T.U.K.
shades - Gianfranco Ferre
ring - Metal Pointus, Paris

Brothel creepers are a little hard to find today, but they are still sold as stores like the British Boot Company and Underground shoes U.K.
various creepers available on Polyvore


  1. They remind me of my days in grad school (a good thing!) when I wore Doc Martens everywhere . . .

  2. I'm dying over those heels!

    And I love yours in white. Good choice!

  3. I bet you have a pretty killer stray cat strut when you wear your creepers!

  4. Why have I never heard about creepers? I feel so out of the loop.

    Great pic of you!

  5. I had a pair of Robot creepers bought in my punk days in London. Robot was a shop in London known for their creepers. Mine were exact to yours but all black. I foolishly sold them about 5 years as my foot shrank or something, they kept slipping off and giving me blisters. BOO HOO!!! I did however find a funky pair recently of creeper wedges, in yummy turquoise with fuchsia wedge -- not traditional at all, but I needed something to brighten my life after this dreary spring! XXX (See we should have been at the Met Gala!)