STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


I've Got the Blues

Women are headstrong. We will go to extraordinary lengths if we want something badly enough. I’ve always made it a habit of putting a picture in my wallet or posting it on my fridge when I want something in the hopes that one day I will have this item in my possession. So far, I’ve been pretty successful. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked yet with the villa I ripped out of Metropolitan Home. I once traveled to three countries on a quest for some Prada ballet flats. I became disheartened when they only had one pair available in a size 5 at Galaries Lafayette. But, I did not give up and I was finally triumphant at Harvey Nichols in London. Perseverance my darlings, perseverance.

I’ve been pining over a year now for these Rupert Sanderson blue suede and pony, high heeled creepers. I know – you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. I think they’re fabulous even though they are incredibly impractical and hardly a wise investment in this economic environment. You see my dilemma? Well, the good news is – they are no longer available so the difficult decision has been made for me. Apparently, I waited too long so I don’t have a choice anymore. I must move on. The bad news is – they are no longer available! That means I must search high and low for these babies because after all, I can’t give up that easily! Perseverance my darlings, perseverance!


  1. I love them. Stalk them on eBay!

  2. I let this happen all the time. I figure that if I really wanted something, I'd make it mine very quickly. If I don't make it mine, then I didn't *really* want it after all.

    Or that's what I tell myself.

    Usually I can live without things.

    (Just catching up, I got way behind on posts.)

  3. I couldn't wear them, but they would look fabulous on you!

  4. Ah, the coin. And the 2 sides.

  5. So very pretty. This happens to me too. I currently have my heart set on a gorgeous sweater that is very impractical. Sigh....

  6. Yes you can never go wrong with blue suede shoes so stalk them on ebay indeed!