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The Real King of Late Night

OK, I’m just gonna say it – I’m in love with Craig Ferguson! I’ve been quietly crushing on him since his Drew Carey days when he played the adorably offensive, Mr. Wick. Now, as the host of The Late Late Show, (isn’t CBS creative with their titles?) Fergie does the best opening monologue of all his peers. No question. The Scottish born comedian, actor and writer actually began his career as a drummer in a punk band. Those who know me know this is one of my requirements to date someone. I also prefer my guys to be tall, dark and funny as hell! Let’s see… check, check and check! Batting a thousand here. Yep, the perfect man – except the married part. But, Craig still gets my vote for the King of Late Night. Who needs Carson Daly or Jimmy Fallon anyway? No, I really mean that. Those guys are awful!

And he's not afraid to take fahion risks!


  1. I've seen him a few times lately and felt like we bonded because someone threw up in his audience a la my fashion show experience last season.

  2. Oooh....I so agree with this. Loooove Craig!! He hits my crack up radar the hardest for sure.