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During these weeks of bitter cold, my skin usually gets very dry, wind burnt and parched. I am religious about moisturizing throughout the year, but during the winter months I kick it up a notch. One of my favorite products has been Korres Bitter Almond Lotion (and bath wash). I’m in love with the scent! Imagine how I felt when I found out the company has discontinued these items. I was disappointed and, well… bitter!
"Milking" the Korres lotion
Why is it that every time I find a beauty product that I adore, it’s discontinued? The same thing happened recently with my cherished lip gloss from Cargo. The combination of consistency and color makes my lips look soft and plump (without a needle!). I used their duo lip gloss in a tin like it was going out of style… little did I know it WAS because they don’t sell it anymore!
My Cargo gloss - scraping the bottom!
I whipped out my lipstick the other day to reapply and my friend WendyB informed me that Prescriptives is no longer making my perfect color. Do you know how hard it is to find an appropriate red? “Ambition 07” works perfectly with my skin tone and now I have to ration it like bread during the depression because apparently, it’s not replaceable. I don’t get it. Am I cursed? I hope not. But, I am bitter…
My favorite lipstick


  1. I had the same experience with another perspectives color. when i found out it was being discontinued, i bought what they had left. i actually still have the empty tube. i've always wanted to bring it to another counter to see if they could match it.

  2. Wait! Maybe there's lipstick hope? Look here:

    "Fans of Prescriptives will want to take advantage of, where the brand will "help service consumers for replenishment of key products, while inventory lasts.""

  3. Annoying! I guess that anytime you really love something (jeans/tights/lipsticks) you have to buy multiples because there is no telling when "they" will decide to discontinue your favorite products!

  4. don't you just hate that?? what amazes me is when you hear that it was a popular item...oh ok..that makes sense...lets stop offering it now... =)

    when i first started reading the post...i was excited that maybe i was going to now find something to help with the winter dry skin...have never found a product i absolutely love...let me know if you find a good replacement...

  5. I gotta try that lotion! I totally know what you mean about the discontinued beauty products, it's so infuriating!! Those tricky marketing schemes only make us buy more and more :)

  6. It seems like every lipstick I've ever fallen in love with has been discontinued. Sigh. I feel your pain!