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Elementary My Dear

Robert Downey in Sherlock Holmes
I’m going to see Sherlock Holmes tonight and besides the adorable Robert Downey Jr., I’m anxious to see the costumes. The film is nominated for a Costume Designers Guild Award for EXCELLENCE IN PERIOD FILM (designer, Jenny Beavan). The nominees for the 12th annual Costume Designers Guild Awards were announced on January 26 and the winners will be revealed on February 25 at the Beverly Hilton. Bruno (Jason Alper) is up for EXELLENCE IN CONTEMPORARY FILM, but I doubt it stands a chance against Coco Before Chanel (designer, Catherine Leterrier).  To find out more about the Costume Designers Guild and the nominees, check out this link from lookonline.
Sacha Baron Cohen in Bruno


  1. Love RDJ too! Let us know how the movie was...curious to know!!

  2. What a great job that would be, to work on costumes for movies. Fabulous!

  3. Sherlock Holmes was the best film I saw in 2009...