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STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


Sharp Dressed Man

I just love it when a man has taste.  My friend Richard is always perfectly put together...I think he should hold seminars to help the stylishly challenged become sharp dressed men!  This brings up a question I often contemplate -- is style inborn or can it be taught?  What do you guys think?

Richard Mauro strikes a pose...

Jacket - C.P. Company
Jeans - Acne
Hat & Shoes - Barney's
Gloves - Marc Jacobs
Messenger Bag - Dunhill
Shades - Versace
Apple - Union Square Farmer's Market


  1. looks fab indeed!!
    i like the hat!

  2. Oh, I hate this question - I really have no idea! In my many instances of considering it, here's what I'm going with today: the most innately stylish people are the ones who have it bred in them. But there are some really well-put together people who have learned the art. Nonetheless, I believe you can always spot the one's who've learned.

    Note: There is a third category: the one's who have it genetically but it's a recessive situation. They can come to style late in the day but still be incredibly authentic.

  3. I think it's clear that it can be taught or we'd all be wearing the same clothes we wore as teenagers.

  4. I think that most of the stylish men I know have been influenced by a stylish girlfriend or boyfriend...but I'm still waiting for someone to teach me!

  5. I can't answer this question. It's like that old saw about not knowing art but knowing what one likes.

    Your friend Richard is sharp, alright. And that's difficult to pull off when it's cold. ;)

  6. I think you can be born with style, and if you work on educating yourself about designers, history of style, current ideas in fashion, and knowing who you are and what works best for your body, you can be really amazing! And it's probably mostly the energy that you put out, the confidence you have in your outfits that attracts people to your style, not necessarily what you are wearing. Style is a point of view :)

  7. I think it can be taught by someone that has natural instinct for it. Some people have such a natural inclination to accessorize which I wish I were better at.