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The Girls Are Back In Town

So, as most of you are aware, Sex In the City 2 premiered last evening in NYC.  I was hoping to go to the premiere, but no such luck.  I guess it's not such a big deal because I would rather avoid the chaos and crowd and go see the film another time.  The only thing I missed last night was Jason Lewis :-) 

SJP in Valentino

Of course, I was curious to see what the ladies would wear!  What designers would they choose?  What colors would they wear?  Hair up or hair down?  These are all serious questions my taffetadarlings!

Kim Cattrall in Naeem Khan

I wondered if SJP would finally wear Halston and would Kim Cattrall wear Wendy Brandes earrings?  Well, the answer to both of those questions was, NO.  Apparently, Ms. Parker opted for an asymmetric, yellow dress from the Valentino Collection.  Ms. Cattrall was statuesque in an ornately embellished Naeem Khan gown and I could find no mention of her jewelry.

Cynthia Nixon in Carolina Herrera

Cynthia Nixon looked impeccable.  The sophisticated actress selected a strapless black, body-conscious Carolina Herrera dress -- the epitome of glamour.  All of the women looked amazing, but to my surprise I was most taken with Kristin Davis.  I suppose that I just associate her with her character, Charlotte, who is a bit of a "girly girl" for my taste.  But, Ms. Davis made (in my opinion), the best choice of frocks in her Jean Desses pink chiffon, columnar gown.  Her Desses dress was perfectly appropriate since the late designer was born in Alexandria, Egypt and was known for his complex draping that turned out a very refined look.  

Kristin Davis in vintage Jean Desses for Decades

Ms. Davis' gown seemed to evoke the feeling of the film more so than the others, but all the girls brought their "A game" Monday evening.  The one fashion tragedy that I did see was poor Miss Liza Minnelli.  WTF?

Liza Minnelli in... something horrific

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  1. poor poor liza...
    i agree...kristin looked fabulous...they all looked great...well...except for poor poor liza...but kristin is my fave as well...and vintage...of course...

  2. So happy you posted this. I'm so happy to see the ladies' choices. I agree, Kristin's dress was perfect for the occasion, though I think SJP looked fabulous. Can't wait to see the movie!

  3. I loooooved SJP's dress. Had no hope of anyone wearing the jewelry because I know the earrings are at Broken English in Santa Monica!

  4. I actually think that Kim looks fantastic. Sometimes I find her choices questionable. And Ms. Minelli deserves our respect for her canon of work, I suppose. But egad.

  5. Disappointed with (so critical) Sara Jessica's shoes and absolutely ecstatic with Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis - absolute goddesses. Liza is so lovely, just sad that she was not as wonderful.

  6. WHAT is Liza wearing beneath that get up?!? All the SATC ladies looked fab though!