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Vamps in Vogue

Can The Twilight Saga actually be continuing so quickly? The third installment, Eclipse is coming to theatres in June. I seem to recall that we just went through this feverish frenzy over the Christmas Holiday because I have a friend who is nuts over these films. It looks like this obsession that America (or is it the entire world?) has with Vampires is still going strong.

Dave Vanian and The Damned: Shadow of Love, 1985

Why now? If Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise weren’t able to cause this kind of a stir after Interview with the Vampire, then who would have guessed Mr. Pattinson (a.k.a. Edward) could? Not me. I, for one, have always been drawn to and intrigued by the dark, gothic appeal of the Vampire. I thought Dave Vanian of The Damned was “all that.” He definitely set a trend of sorts, but it only reached a narrow group of people. The Goth look was certainly not mainstream; in fact, Goth’s were considered strange, outcast and people assumed they were witches.

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt: Interview with the Vampire, 1994

Dave Vanian of The Damned

So, while Dave Vanian, Siouxie Sioux and death rockers in general were judged and scrutinized, Robert Pattinson turns into a worldwide heartthrob and Twilight becomes a major phenomenon. Go figure. I think we need to credit Buffy the Vampire Slayer with making bloodsuckers seem cool. Spike stole hearts of girls all over the country including that of my beautiful friend, WendyB! Wendy “hearts” him (click here to read Wendy's post and to see her heart and spike ring!!).

Spike from the TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’ve never paid any attention to the Twilight films, but they must have sunk in by osmosis. The first film of the series was released in the end of November, 2008. The same year, I dressed as Countess Dracula for Halloween, so either I was just ahead of the trend or Twilight got under my skin somehow. Eerie.

scary looking me as Countess Dracula - October, 2008
I snapped my own photos before I went out on the town... to hunt!!
*Don't worry mom and dad, I covered up with a cape!!

How long will this trend last? Who knows, but with bands like Vampire Weekend and shows like True Blood and Vampire Diaries all enjoying huge success, my guess is a while…

Vampire Weekend: Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, 2008


  1. You are hot in that Vampy look!

    I can't believe another Twilight movie is about to break. It does seem like just yesterday that last one dropped.

  2. Ha ha ha " hunt!" Love that! I recently read that James Marsters who played Spike is getting married, and I have to admit that I felt mildly heartbroken.

  3. Wendy... stab him with a stake (a steak, hehehe). Spike can't do this to you!

  4. You are one scary ass vampire!! And I agree. I just had to take my kid to New Moon. What a disappointing flick...

  5. From The Count to Count Chocula to Edward...seems like the vamps are here to stay!

  6. You're right, Buffy restarted it all! Was it that Tom and Brad were just too clean cut for vampires, and it went against their images? Curious.

  7. Love your vampire look! The Damned were so cool (and totally unpretentious). Here's a little bit of trivia for you: before Dave Vanian hit the punk scene he was a grave digger! Lovely to meet you the other night and I adore your blog and seeing the beauties you create!