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Mad For Plaid

1977: Dan Aykroyd & Steve Martin as two "wild and crazy guys" (left)
Fall 2008: Dolce & Gabbana channel their inner Georg & Yortuk Festrunk (right)
Photo Credit (right): Firstview

What a versatile pattern plaid is. It can be classic, it can evoke nerdy, preppy or even punk. Plaid can be masculine or feminine and when worn as a kilt, sans skivvies, tartan can be traditional.

Fall 2006: McQueen tweaks traditional tartan
Photo Credits: Firstview

Craig Ferguson dons a kilt...

I am not preppy or very classic, so I prefer my plaid with a bit of edge. I also like to see it utilized in unexpected ways, whether it be in styling or in the fabric. After all, part of what makes up good design is the ability to creatively interpret things in ways that others have not.

always classic, Burberry

Fall 2009: Ralph Lauren's "Americana" plaids
Photo Credits: Firstview

UPDATE 5-12-10: "Spaceballs I has gone to PLAID!"


  1. love the mcqueen on the right...and the ralph lauren on the left...and i wouldn't mind having the burberry umbrella... =) am i asking for too much?

  2. That Ralph Lauren dress is amazing... I like the red one walking away behind it too!

  3. Love these pieces - def need to add some plaid (purple!!) to my wardrobe!

  4. This is making me think I need more plaid in my life. Usually I leave it to my husband (he's a devotee of both kilts and plaid flannel shirts, although mercifully not together), but it may be time for me to usurp it. I'm especially in love with that McQueen dress with the jabot. It's such a great play on traditional Scottish men's formal wear.