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Turquoise And Glitter

After the Gaga experience last week, I got to thinking about all of the concerts I’ve been to in my lifetime – which isn’t a lot considering I’m such a music fan. I already wrote about my amazing experience seeing Berlin at a small college in Pennsylvania in 1986. Before that, I saw The Fixx at the fairgrounds in my hometown in PA. And I was lucky enough to see the band, LIVE (who were actually known as Public Affection at the time), when they were in High School playing at a local club in Pennsylvania which I frequented in the late 80’s.

Berlin, 1986

I got to see my teenage heartthrob, Charlie Sexton, at some very small club in NYC – I can’t even remember the name of the venue, but I remember having pleasant dreams that night. Adam Ant rocked at Irving Plaza in the early 90’s. I thought it was so cool that a 40 year old guy could still jump up on top of speakers and dance and strut around like he did. God, I was young! I saw Joe Strummer shortly before he passed and had the incredible luck to be backstage and meet him. Strangely, Roberto Benigni was there too and was quite a nice fellow.

Charlie Sexton sings, "Beat's So Lonely" - 1985

There was the Gipsy Kings concert at Radio City years ago, Erasure at McCarren pool, and of course, The Police at Giants Stadium in box seats… nice. My pal (and musician), Jensen took me to see Joan Jett sometime in the late 90’s and through her backstage connections we got to meet the rock queen. We also saw Debbie Harry a couple of years ago -- too bad I threw out my painted jean jacket from 1985!

gorgeous Blondie, circa 1980

But, the best concert I’ve ever been to was Chris Isaak. In 2006, I went for the first time ever to a concert with my parents (and my sister)! On our way to our seats, I heard some guy yell, “Excuse me!” I turned to give him my New York attitude when I realized he was one of Chris’ peeps. He asked if I wanted to dance on stage during a particular song. Uh…. Hell YES. “I need 3 more girls, so how about the other two?”  My sister and my mom were quite reluctant, but I finally managed to twist my sister’s arm. Mom didn’t cave.

"How could your momma refuse me?"

“San Francisco Days” was our cue. When we heard the beginning of that song, we were supposed to head down to the front and go back stage to get ready. Exciting! Chris sounded incredible and he swooned like only Chris can. He looked incredible too, like only Chris can! Suddenly, I heard the first couple notes of the signal song and my sis and I made our way toward the back stage door! We were merged with a group of about 8 other girls and we were all given instructions to dance and have fun, but not to take photos.

my backstage badge

Finally, “Bonnie Bee” started and we were released like a flock of penned in chickens and we all rushed on stage. Chris was sparkly. He was wearing his “mirror ball” suit and it almost hurt to look directly at him, but I did. He glittered, sparkled and reflected everywhere while he shook his booty. I had a fantastic view. My sister and I danced and laughed and had a great time.

Chris in his mirror ball suit

After the show, we bought T-shirts and stood in a relatively short line to have him sign them. I never do that. I made an exception. When it was our turn, he drew a guitar on my sister’s tee and then moved over to me. I felt like a school girl with a mad crush. My heart beat faster. He started to draw a caricature of his face on my tee when he glanced up and noticed my necklace. I was wearing a huge piece of turquoise on a silver chain. “I love your necklace,” he said. I love YOU, I wanted to say, but managed to reply, “I just got it in San Francisco. I was there last week.” He put down his Sharpie, looked up from the table and said to me in a very sweet and nostalgic tone, “Oh… I miss my home town.” He paused for a few seconds to reflect. “Yes, it’s a really wonderful city,” I said. Those are the words that came out of my mouth, but in my mind I was thinking… God, you are so good looking, what I wouldn’t do…

Chris Isaak's "signature"

my lucky turquoise

I still wear my giant hunk of turquoise. It makes me think of Chris and his glittery, sparkly tush!


  1. wow! that is a great list of concerts! and yes...san francisco IS a wonderful city! when are you coming back?? tee-hee...

  2. Great story ... especially that it was Chris Isaak. So cool.

  3. I'm relieved you didn't miss your stage-dancing chance by giving any New York attitude! What an experience!

  4. And I want Chris's mirror-ball suit.

  5. Excellent story! Now I can't stop thinking of Chris' tush!

  6. ahhh....good times. Arm twisting plus a few vodka tonics as I recall!