STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK - Luxury Apparel

STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


Get Horizontal!

Horizontal stripes make you look fat?  Pshaw!  I won't listen to that rumor, never have.  Something about the freshness of a black and white or navy and white stripe just looks right to me.  Sure, it can be perceived as overly nautical, but I don't consider that such a bad thing.  I imagine myself on a yacht somewhere!

Just like my obsession for white in the summer, I have the same affinity for stripes as you can see...

fine gauge sweater: Sandro
jeans: BCBG
polish: essie, peach daiquiri

tank: JET
shorts: Club Monaco
bag: Luciano Soprani
shoes: Charles David
metal belt: vintage

cardigan: Reiss
cut offs: Gap
shoes: Sonia Rykiel

top: Patrizia Pepe
jeans: BCBG
shoes: Via Spiga
bag: Gianni Chiarini
car: vintage Mercedes

top: boutique in London
denim skirt: Seven
shades: Max Mara
coffee: Starbucks

top: American Eagle
linen pants: Theory
bag: Francesco Biasia
shoes: Via Spiga
shades: Max Mara
lucite cuff: vintage

top: too old to remember
bag: Gianni Chiarini
jumbo ring: Bloomingdales

OK, are you getting stripe overload?  Well, there's more where these came from!  But, I will spare you the optic exercise... for now.


  1. Dare I suggest that you are entirely slender, so you're not the best case study in the optimal effect of stripes? :-) Having said that, I'm the short waisted girl with boobs and I'm wearing a stripey T today and I look fab too :-)

  2. Looks fabulous. Always wanted to do a book of "don't' - so many of the rules were always wrong, maybe cultivated by someone captivated by Jane Austen who missed the point. Classic and freshened up by the cut/drape/weight of that season is about the coolest. Just thinking how Sonia Rykiel and Coco stole these from working class men and made them so classy and sexy.

    Nice job.

    Love old Mercedes too ... the ultimate luxury (to keep them happy).

  3. Love all these pix! You need to show this to Deja Pseu because she hearts stripes too. I think your nautical look at Lady Gaga must have rubbed off on me and caused me to buy that Castelbajac outfit.

  4. oh my gosh! love all the pics...i am obsessed with looks fab on you girl! i also loved the chair in the first pic...something about relaxing on a front porch in a fun chair soaking in the sun...

  5. lovely outfits.
    looks like a paparazzi photographed you...
    love it

  6. I forgot to say that you have the best legs evah! Those shorts are hawt.